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How to use SMS Messages to Collect Leads and Retarget Them On Facebook

Have you ever collected leads from text messages? Here’s an example. You’re at an event, and you have attendees text a certain keyword to a number to receive an offer (free report, event slides, etc.). 

Now, what do you do with those leads? Maybe you send some follow up emails. Or, possibly give them a call. 

But, have you ever thought about retargeting them through Facebook with ads that were related to whatever you offered them?

That’s exactly what John Arnott from ContentFirst Marketing did. 


John recently launched a new checklist to help small businesses grow through the economic recovery. He recognized many of his leads would prefer to opt-in for the checklist with their phones. So, he created a text campaign to capture those leads.

Separately, he wanted to build his brand by displaying more content on Facebook to those leads who had recently opted in for his checklist.

Here’s what he did

John knew he would be losing out on leads if he didn’t figure out a way to capture them according to their preferred method, so he began searching for a simple solution to easily capture leads via SMS messages. 

John used PlusThis to set up SMS sequences, which allowed him to establish a keyword for his leads to text to receive his checklist.

Once he captured the leads, he wanted a way to build their trust so they could eventually convert to a client. He also wanted to show his content to people on Facebook who opted in for his checklist.

By setting up the Facebook Audience Trigger tool from PlusThis, John’s blogs, videos, and other content was automatically shown in Facebook to those who texted in to receive his checklist.

John not only was able to collect leads in a way that was easy for his ideal prospects, but he was able to build his brand and stay top of mind, allowing him to convert more of his leads into customers. He created a funnel using two unique methods to help him capitalize on leads and customers that would have otherwise been lost. 

Here’s where you can watch the whole case study.

What are some strategies that you have implemented that have allowed you to get more leads and clients just by thinking outside of the box? Tell us in the comments below!

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How This Entrepreneur Upsold 50% of His Sales


Many entrepreneurs hear that word and cringe. Maybe because they don’t know how to efficiently upsell, or possibly because they don’t want to come across as begging for money.

But, done right, upselling can be a huge money-maker. In this blog post, I want to cover how Greg Jenkins from Monkeypod Marketing saw 50% of his customers take his upsell. 

If you’re currently not leveraging upselling in your marketing strategy, you should be. 

Keep reading to see why.


Greg recently updated one of his core training products and needed to relaunch it. To get this done, he would need a good looking form that worked with his landing page builder, countdown timers to add urgency to his offer, a simple way to offer an upsell to his course, and smart automation so people only saw the offers that were relevant to them.

He was looking for a solution that would allow his affiliates to refer people to his launch and get credit by using a form instead of an API connection.

He had an existing membership program that he wanted to sell as an optional upsell, but he obviously didn’t want to show existing members the offer if they already had it. For those who didn’t already have it, he wanted to feature it as an upsell.

Oh, and his launch had a hard deadline, where after a certain amount of time passed, the price would increase.

Sounds easy, right? (Just kidding).

While it may not sound easy, it surprisingly was!

Here’s what he did

Using PlusThis, Greg was able to make all of the things he wanted to have happen actually happen.

He used PlusThis Modern Forms to put a mobile responsive form on a Leadpages page, so that all of his affiliate referrals could still pass through to Infusionsoft.

To route the right people to the sales page, he used PlusThis Smart Links to check if the customer already had his membership program. If they did, they were routed to a different thank you page so they didn’t see the offer.

To show his new customers his membership program upsell, he used PlusThis One-Click Upsells. This allowed him to put a button on his page that made it simple to add the membership to their existing order and finish the shopping process.

He then implemented PlusThis Countdown Timers to create urgency for his launch, thus increasing sales, and allowing him to keep his integrity when people saw the offer expired but still wanted the old pricing.

With just a few tools in his toolbelt, Greg was able to efficiently and easily implement an upsell strategy that worked for 50% of his sales. 

So, the next time you’re getting ready for a launch, a webinar, or creating a funnel, I want to challenge you to think like Greg. Identify upsell opportunities, and craft a strategy around it. 

Head here if you want to check out the full case study.

Will you be the next to join him in upselling 50% or more of your customers? Let us know in the comments!

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Acuity Scheduling

Our latest tool allows you to easily connect your Acuity events to your marketing automation platform.

Your business processes for appointment completions, reschedules and cancels can all now run inside your CRM along with the rest of your business processes.

Or Leads can schedule consults or demos with you while your CRM collects the contact info and follows up. All of your appointment reminders, attendance follow-up and cancel notifications can now be present in your CRM in addition to Acuity.

If you’ve ever wanted a simpler or easier way for scheduling, this tool is for you.

Here’s How it Works

Set Up Your Acuity Event

Set up your Acuity event just like you would do normally. PlusThis will have you select the existing Acuity event as the first step.

Store Info and Trigger Automation

Choose what data you want to store in your CRM. Data you can store includes contact info, scheduling info, cancel reasons and more. In addition, you can apply tags and lists as leads schedule, reschedule, cancel and more.

Start Scheduling

PlusThis will work automatically with your Acuity widgets once everything is saved. All newly scheduled leads will start getting the new automation you’ve applied.

Watch a demo using Keap or Infusionsoft

Watch a Demo Using ActiveCampaign