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How to Create Custom Follow Up Based on Video Engagement

Using video in your marketing can be a powerful tool. Not only are you able to better explain things (ie: trainings, info sessions, etc.), but you can actually use it as a means of communicating information to your prospects or customers in a more personal way.

But…what if you could take the power of using video in your marketing one step further by knowing just how much of your videos are being consumed, and actually follow up with your customers and prospects based on how much video content was watched? 

Take a look at the example below.

Let’s say you had a landing page where people could opt in for a video training. Then, they would receive an email with access to watch that video training. Next, you want to send them different follow up messages depending on how much of the video they actually watched.

Sounds difficult, right?

Not with the PlusThis Video Trigger tool!

Here’s what it could look like from your marketing automation tool. 

Someone would fill out a form on your landing page, then they would be placed into a sequence inside of your marketing automation tool reminding them to watch the video (this would stop if they actually started watching the video). 

Next, they would watch the video, and they would be placed in the corresponding sequence inside of your marketing automation tool based on how much of the video was consumed (in this example it’s 100%, 50%, or 25%). 

Each corresponding sequence could offer them something different. For example, those who watched the whole video could be offered bonuses, those who only 25% of the video could receive emails enticing them to finish watching the rest of the training, etc. 

To set this up in PlusThis, you would first search for the Video Triggers tool.

Next, you would find your video embed code and paste it into the corresponding spot in the Video Triggers tool.

Put the time in the video where you would like to have your tags applied, and choose the tags you wish to use from the list. Lastly, you will name your tool.

Next, you can choose where to place the video on your website, ClickFunnels page, membership site, etc. 

Now, you can automatically follow up with prospects and customers based on video consumption..and it only takes a few minutes to set up. 

Interested in learning more? Head here to check out the Video Triggers tool.


How To Track Link Clicks With SMS

Sending SMS messages is great since it’s so easy and direct with the customers. But how do you track engagement with those messages?

Easy. Just add a tool within Send SMS Messages and boom – track who’s clicking what in your text messages.

With Action Links, automation is triggered when a lead or customer clicks a specific link. If you add an action link within your SMS message, you can easily track which recipients are actually clicking what you’re sending.

Let’s go through how to set up Action Links, and input the link into our Send SMS Message configuration.

Getting Started

Step 1: Configure Action Links

This tool is SUPER simple to set up.

All that’s needed is the desired link, a fallback link if no contact record is found, and which tags you’d like to be applied when they do click the link.

Keep in mind that this tool also works well with triggering an API goal, and the option to select this is also available. But for this scenario, we want to tag the customers that click the link to our offer page.

And then we give the tool a name, and save it. Really – that’s all you have to do to configure Action Links. Easy, right?

Once saved, we receive multiple ways to utilize the tool. But we specifically receive a Tool URL to include in PlusThis SMS features – that’s the link we want.

Step 2: Insert Into Send SMS Messages

Like mentioned, Action Links can be used for both SMS features (SMS Sequences & Send SMS Messages) but let’s just say for this strategy, we want to surprise our users with the one time offer, and we don’t need them to reply – so we can use PlusThis’ one way SMS tool.

Let’s start the configuration of Send SMS Messages.

Once we’ve established the basic information required to send a SMS, we’ll craft the message that is to be sent. This is where our Action Link will come in.

That’s really all you have to do, paste the link directly in the body of the message and finish configuration.

Once saved, we receive the tool URL to input into our campaign, and boom – automated sms messages with trackable links to see who’s engaging with your text.

Step 3: Track The Clicks

By tracking who’s clicking your links, you’re given the information to base follow-up, future offers, and more in an effort to better apply to your contacts.

Seeing who’s clicking the link is simple.

Within your configured tools, select the menu button on the right and click “view tool runs” to see which contacts are triggering the tool when they click the link.

Within the tool configurations, apply the appropriate tags for when they click the link, and when they receive the SMS message. That way – you can customize your campaign based on certain tagging requirements based on the tools.

Watch The Tools In Action

Curious to try out some of these tools yourself? PlusThis has a FREE 30-day trial risk free.

You can login, explore the toolkit, chat with our team, and start using the tools immediately. If you don’t get enough value, simply cancel within 30-days. Pick a plan here.

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How To Create A Text Opt-In

Creating a simple way for leads to opt-in sounds easy, and it actually is.

Texting is a phenomenal way of communicating, but it can actually be efficient, too.

Using only one PlusThis tool, SMS Sequences, you’re able to send conditional messages to allow contacts to opt-in, receive confirmations, reminders and much more.

Setting up the tool is simple, let’s go through it.

Step 1: Determine The Sequence

So, say you’re hosting a webinar and at the end of the event, you’d like attendees to text to opt-in and receive a special offer for joining.

Creating an automated campaign that collects the attendees information and distributes the content can be set up through the configuration of one tool.

First, start by ensuring that your communications platform is integrated with PlusThis.

Next, we’ll select how we want the text to be started – via a keyword and/or through a campaign sequence or just through a campaign sequence.

After selecting the number we want the text to be sent from and where we want the new contacts number to be saved, we’ll enter in the keyword that’s required. Let’s say we want them to text in “OFFER” in order to receive the discount code.

Step 2: Create The Sequence

Now, it’s recommended to start with asking for the attendees email address to avoid duplicate contacts, so we’ll reply to the keyword by requesting their email.

Select which field to save the response to, and we’ll decipher what comes next. Let’s assume that after they give us their email, we’ll send the offer directly to their phone.

It may look something like this.

Since that’ll be the end of the sequence, we’ll end it there.

Step 3: Save The Configuration

You know the drill – give the tool a name and save the configuration. Once saved, we receive the information needed to text in, and the Tool URL to input into our campaign sequence with an HTTP post.

Step 4: Add To The Campaign

Once we have the tool set up, all we have to do is insert the tool URL into an HTTP Post that is within our campaign sequence.

Now, through automation and one tool – webinar attendees can quickly opt-in by texting in and providing their email. The strategies are limitless with the use of SMS Sequences, so surprise your guests with more than they were expecting.

See the tool in action