June 18, 2021

Hosting a webinar is a fantastic way to bring in new leads, existing customers and even competitors. However, with the awesome outcomes often comes a lot of work registering guests, sending reminders, and following up with attendees.

So what if I told you that you could save an ample amount of time doing all these tasks, AND increase your level of communication during your webinar.

PlusThis has not one, not two but three major video conferencing integrations that automate the webinar process with only a few configurations and an organized campaign.


There are three Zoom tools to use for both meetings and webinars.

Webinar Connection connects Zoom Webinar with the CRM platform to automate the process of hosting a webinar.


With GoToWebinar Connection, you can immediately link your GTW account and CRM for all relative tasks.


One tool is all you need to connect WebinarJam and your CRM – WebinarJam Connection.

These integrations are all similar in their configurations, and are capable of the same strategies within your campaigns.

Here’s how integrating the two platforms automates your webinar process.

1. Create a webinar registration form

Using whatever platform you’d like, create a registration form on a webpage that allows guests to register for the webinar and provide the information necessary to follow-up with them.

2. Register guests in your Webinar & CRM platform simultaneously

With the integration tool in action, PlusThis will connect the form with both the webinar platform and your marketing automation platform to register guests in both databases.

3. Send reminder emails

Use the information that’s sent to your MAP to send reminder emails with the webinar join links that are provided by the PlusThis tool.

4. Run your Webinar

Without worrying about if guests received their reminders for the webinar, prepare for a packed event and watch it go off without a problem.

5. Tag contacts based on who attended and who missed the Webinar

Without lifting another finger, automatically tag all registered guests based on who attended and who missed the event. Then, you can customize the follow-up based on their tags.

Sweet, right? It’s easy, too. Configure the tools with the appropriate tags you’d like applied and the applicable webinar links and the tool is ready to go.

See The Automation In Action:

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