January 16, 2024

Every month we’re adding a new tool or feature upgrade to our library of add-ons and tools.

We want to catch everyone up on some of the newest updates we’ve done recently.

First, we’ve added a way to add notes to your tools.

Have you ever created a tool but forgot which campaign you’re using it in? Or do you have so many tools set up you’re not sure which does what? 

Answer: notes! You can now add a note to any tool so you can better keep track of which campaign it’s tied to, what it does, who created it, or whatever else you want to document!

Add notes to your PlusThis tools

As you create your tools, you will now see a box where you can add any notes you need for your tool. You can store helpful reminders or other information to quickly find later if you need to make any updates or changes.

Once the note is saved, you can see it easily referenced on your “My Tools” page in your app by hovering over the “i” icon.

Smart Links can now send people to a page in a custom field

Smart Links is one of the most popular tools in the PlusThis library because it enables so many great automation strategies like evergreen offers, custom thank you page redirects, and more.

We’ve just made Smart Links even better by adding the ability to send people to a link stored in a custom field.

Here’s how it works.

You set up your Smart Link the same as always, but now you’ll see an option to send people to a link in a custom field for the contact clicking the link.

Let’s say I want to send someone a link to schedule a demo with one of my coaches. However, the scheduling link is different for each coach.

What if I could send one email to my list, but have the link dynamically go to the scheduling page that gets set in the prospect’s custom field?

Smart Links can now handle these types of situations for you easily.

That’s it for today, but we have another recent update we want to tell you more about soon, stay tuned.

Have an idea you want us to implement into a tool? Send us an email at info@plusthis.com.

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