July 30, 2021

Using video in your marketing can be a powerful tool. Not only are you able to better explain things (ie: trainings, info sessions, etc.), but you can actually use it as a means of communicating information to your prospects or customers in a more personal way.

But…what if you could take the power of using video in your marketing one step further by knowing just how much of your videos are being consumed, and actually follow up with your customers and prospects based on how much video content was watched? 

Take a look at the example below.

Let’s say you had a landing page where people could opt in for a video training. Then, they would receive an email with access to watch that video training. Next, you want to send them different follow up messages depending on how much of the video they actually watched.

Sounds difficult, right?

Not with the PlusThis Video Trigger tool!

Here’s what it could look like from your marketing automation tool. 

Someone would fill out a form on your landing page, then they would be placed into a sequence inside of your marketing automation tool reminding them to watch the video (this would stop if they actually started watching the video). 

Next, they would watch the video, and they would be placed in the corresponding sequence inside of your marketing automation tool based on how much of the video was consumed (in this example it’s 100%, 50%, or 25%). 

Each corresponding sequence could offer them something different. For example, those who watched the whole video could be offered bonuses, those who only 25% of the video could receive emails enticing them to finish watching the rest of the training, etc. 

To set this up in PlusThis, you would first search for the Video Triggers tool.

Next, you would find your video embed code and paste it into the corresponding spot in the Video Triggers tool.

Put the time in the video where you would like to have your tags applied, and choose the tags you wish to use from the list. Lastly, you will name your tool.

Next, you can choose where to place the video on your website, ClickFunnels page, membership site, etc. 

Now, you can automatically follow up with prospects and customers based on video consumption..and it only takes a few minutes to set up. 

Interested in learning more? Head here to check out the Video Triggers tool.

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