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PlusThis vs. Zapier

If you prefer a handout, you can download a pdf cheat sheet here.

PlusThis and Zapier – two amazing tools. They both can help make the lives of business owners and their teams much easier. But…which one should you use? Read our FAQs below to learn more about each and how they can benefit you.

1. Isn’t PT another Zapier? No. While PlusThis and Zapier have some overlap in functionality, Zapier is more about connecting two databases and having them talk to one another. PlusThis is an automation enhancer designed for specific needs. Zapier allows databases to connect and talk to one another. PlusThis allows you to enhance your CRM, so you can do more.

2. What are the most common use cases for when you decide to use each? PlusThis is great to use when you are looking to do things within your marketing automation platform that your marketing automat platform doesn’t inherently do. For example, setting field values, copying data over, etc. PlusThis is also great when you’re looking to use marketing tools (ex: split testing, countdown timers, smart links, video triggers, etc.). Zapier, on the other hand, is used best when you are looking to connect databases and make them talk to one another, or use applications that PlusThis does not support (ex: Airtable, etc.).

3. What are tools or use cases from PlusThis that you couldn’t get from Zapier and vice-versa? Below you’ll see an example of things you can do only in PlusThis, and things you can only do in Zapier.

What you can only do in PlusThis:

  • Toolchains
  • Countdown timer
  • Webinar attendance tagging
  • Create Zoom meeting (from internal form)
  • SmartLinks
  • Video Triggers
  • Video Tracking
  • One Click Upsells
  • Contact Validator
  • Throttler
  • Get order/invoice info
  • Facebook audiences
  • Filebox Upload – Keap specific

What is best in Zapier:

  • Email parser
  • Facebook Conversions API
  • Connecting with ‘other’ software
    • E.g. Clockify, Asana, ConnectWise, Pandadoc, Airtable, ScheduleOnce, Jotform, Stripe, Chatbots, SalesForce, etc.
  • Creating Tasks in Asana
  • Trigger from row creation in Google Sheets -> Keap
  • Send email from Outlook or Google accounts
  • New review in Google My Business

4. What are a few examples of when PlusThis saved the day? With over 70+ tools, there are so many ways you can save time and money using PlusThis. Below are just a couple PlusThis tools top marketers have used to save the day.

Zoom meeting tool – Not only can you register contacts, know who attends, etc., but you can record how long they’ve been in the webinar and applied a tag based on that. This is great if you’re unlocking content or achievements based on whether contacts stayed in your meeting.

Google sheets exporter – This is an amazing tool for clients who need to track large groups of people, course takers, community members, etc. This can act as a course management tool to see people’s login data and serve as a huge progress report that updates automatically.

As you can see, there are benefits to using both PlusThis and Zapier to help save you time and problem solve in your business. Do you have anything to add to our lists? Comment below and let us know! 

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The Facebook Video Funnel: How To Get Cheap Leads By Leveraging Video Views

Each part of the client journey addresses a different aspect of a business, therefore the advertisements that they see throughout the journey should reflect that.

Our friend from Slingshot Media Consulting, Eric Saar, has some brilliant strategies to organize your ad strategy for leads to see before they convert to paying customers.

The Video Views Funnel focuses on the amount of content that leads are watching, and basing their next ad on that watch time.

Let’s go through a step-by-step of how to implement this strategy, then watch the live video training video for more context.

Step 1: Create The Content

The first step is a bit obvious, but in order to show leads new, exciting ads – you need to create ads that provide something different in each video. These “ads” are a bit longer (1-2 minutes) than the normal, quick ads they’re used to seeing on Facebook.

Here are some examples from our beloved Harmon Brothers Easy Ads That Sell course.

  • Explainer Ad
    • Tell them what you do! Explain the basics about your company and the services you provide. Consider this to be an intro for new leads that may be just learning about you.
  • Why Ad
    • Tell your story. Show leads what they can gain from using your company for their needs, what sets you apart?
  • Getting Started Ad
    • Show them how to get started! This may be a simple demo of how to utilize one of your goods or services.
  • Customer Journey Ad
    • Use your current customers rave reviews! Show leads how they can use your company from your current customers themselves.
  • FAQ Ad
    • Skip the Q&A and create an ad that answers the frequently asked questions that new customers tend to have when getting started with your company.

Step 2: Segment Your Leads

Even as leads, they are going through the stages of the client journey. These segments are dependent on the amount of the ad they watched. In order to move from one segment to the next, the leads have to watch at least 75% of the previous ad.

  • Cold
    • Maybe they’ve heard or slightly engaged with your company, but likely don’t know what you do.
  • Warm
    • These are the leads that have watched over 75% of the first(cold) ad, and have an understanding of what you’re offering – but do not have all the information they’d like to have before converting.
  • Call To Action
    • The final segment is the one that pushes the lead to become a customer. This is the offer or the request to convert the lead after they have continued to watch 75% of the advertisements.

Step 3: Determine Your Audiences

There are 3 main Facebook audiences to look at in this funnel.

  • Lookalikes
    • These are your ideal leads. The leads that have engaged with your company previously, or are considered to be “matched buyers.” This is the priority audience for the cold advertisement, as they have already heard of your company and are more likely to want to learn more. It’s recommended to have a larger audience for this, with at least 1,000 leads included.
  • Detailed Targeting
    • In the event that there are not enough “Lookalikes” for you to initiate your cold ad, detailed targeting is the perfect substitute. This audience is based on interests, demographics, job titles, industries, etc.
  • Retargeting
    • Retargeting is for the subsequent ads that are shown if the lead watches 75% of the previous video. By doing this, leads see a new, different content that are more aligned with their position in the client journey.

Step 4: Organize Your Videos

Determine which ads are applicable to each segment.

  • Cold
    • What video ad would be best for those that have barely heard of you? What video provides the basics of what you do and what you will provide?
    • Example: Explainer Video Ad
  • Warm
    • Different video than the cold segment, but can vary depending on the content you create.
    • Example: GSA, Why Ad
  • Call To Action
    • In your final segment, what video will be the final push to convert the lead? Final information, offer, or call to action to convert.
    • Example: FAQ Ad

Step 5: Pay Attention, Be Patient

Eric has some tips to consider when it comes implementing this funnel.

  • Let the funnel sit
    • Rome wasn’t built in a day, so give the funnel 2 – 4 weeks to settle and produce data.
  • Distribute the budget
    • Since your cold audience is the largest audience, you’ll want to spend a considerable amount (80%) of your budget on the first ad to be sure that it is getting in front of enough of the right people.
  • Track the amount watched
    • While we focus on those who watch at least 75% of the videos, still pay attention to the number of people that are watching 100%.
Watch The Live Training With Bryce, Kenna, & Eric
meet the titans

Campaigns of the Titans Workshop: The Titans

A few days ago I sent you a link to learn more about the campaigns we’ll be helping folks launch at our upcoming Campaigns of the Titans Workshop.

In case this is the first time you’re hearing about this, we’re holding a small workshop next month September 19th and 20th. We’ll be launching three campaigns (details below), having Greg Jenkins training folks live, getting you an advertising plan with our ads manager Jordan Hall, and filming video content with our videographer Nolan Nissle.

While a focus of the workshop will be working on the three campaigns we mentioned in the previous blog, another portion of the workshop will be available for you to work one on one with our experts to help you with your marketing strategy, ad plans, and video production.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the folks you’ll be able to collaborate with

Greg Jenkins – Monkeypod Marketing

Greg Jenkins is the founder of Monkeypod Marketing, where he focuses on empowering entrepreneurs through online courses and educational resources. More specifically, he helps Infusionsoft users understand the software in different ways, and at higher levels, to maximize the return on their monthly investment

Greg will be conducting a half-day session helping attendees get implemented with his automated webinar campaign.



Jordan Hall – Site Traffic Control

Jordan is the founder of Site Traffic Control. We use him to manage all of our Facebook and Google Ads. If you’ve seen our ads everywhere and wonder how we do our retargeting and ad strategies, Jordan’s your guy.

We’ll have Jordan on hand to spend one on one time going over an ad strategy plan for your business if you have any questions.

Here are a few things people have said about Jordan’s work.

“Before Site Traffic Control took over, I was wondering where my next patient would come from. Now I’ve got my calendar filled for the next 4 months thanks directly to the work you’ve done. I can’t say enough good things.” – Mark Power

“Within 4 weeks, we had a landing page that doubled my conversion rate and within 6 weeks, my PPC campaigns have an ROI of 131%. I’m thrilled to be working with Site Traffic Control to grow my business.” – Amy Barnhart

Nolan Nissle – NGN Pictures

Nolan is founder and owner of NGN Pictures. He’s our go-to camera and video production team when we want something professionally filmed and produced.

During the event if you would like to have something filmed for your campaigns or something else you’re working on, feel free to block off some time with Nolan while you are out.

“Had the wonderful opportunity to work with Nolan and NGN Pictures doing some video production with a partner that we were doing some work with and for. He did an amazing job shooting the video for us and then the finished product was terrific. I have even referred him to others due to his high-quality work with us.” – Aaron Lewis

Now, let’s talk about the actual videos! The videos that Nolan and his team produced were outstanding! We are far from actors and they made us look like we knew exactly what we were doing. Not only were their editing skills top notch, the quality of the video was amazing. They far exceeded my expectations! – Lacey Maddalena

SixthDivision Coaches

Last but not least, our partners in this workshop, the wonderful coaches at SixthDivision. We’ve used these coaches to help with everything from structuring our campaigns to implementing new strategies and processes. They have helped add more clarity to our business and given us a monthly cadence to create a clear path each month to hit our goals.

They’ll be here to help you create a gameplan for your business and give you some direction on how you can take your marketing to the next level.

If this is looking like something you’d like to check out, you can learn about the workshop here.