August 16, 2018

A few days ago I sent you a link to watch a preview of our upcoming Campaigns of the Titans Workshop.

In case this is the first time you’re hearing about this, we’re holding a small workshop next month September 19th and 20th. We’ll be launching three campaigns (details below), having Greg Jenkins training folks live, getting you an advertising plan with our ads manager Jordan Hall, and filming video content with our videographer Nolan Nissle.

Today, I want to give a little more depth around the campaigns we’ll be launching for those who come out.

For the campaign portion of the workshop, it will include the following for all three campaigns.

1. All campaigns will be prepped ahead of time

2. Include swipe copy

3. PlusThis feature placeholders ready

4. Include walkthrough videos

5. You come to learn how it works, how to use PlusThis, how to connect it to your business

6. The strategy behind the campaign

7. Leave with support

We want to make it as easy as possible to get launched and after helping thousands of marketers run thousands of campaigns, we’ve found these steps crucial to a successful launch.

The Campaigns

Image doesn’t reflect final campaign you’ll receive.

Campaign #1: Lead to Consult Campaign

This campaign will give you a simple way to get folks interested in a consultation/demo/call with you, schedule them on your calendar and handle all the follow-up to you. Works with all the popular scheduling tools (ScheduleOnce, AppointmentCore, Calendly).

Image doesn’t reflect final campaign you’ll receive.

Campaign #2: Webinar Campaign (with options for auto)

Webinars are a very effective tool for generating revenue if done well. Greg “Monkeypod” Jenkins will be training you on his techniques and sharing his scalable webinar campaign. As a bonus, he’ll give you the training and resources for turning a live webinar into an autowebinar.

Image doesn’t reflect final campaign you’ll receive.

Campaign #3: Evergreen Expiring Offer

Scarcity and urgency are some of the most proven tools for converting more prospects into customers. This campaign puts that idea on steroids, giving each contact that comes through your funnels their own personalized deadlines and offer links. This way you can have the effect of a launch at a fraction of the hassle.


Check out the details on our upcoming launch here, but hurry, we are selling quickly and we’ll be closing the cart September 1st.

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