August 4, 2022

If you prefer a handout, you can download a pdf cheat sheet here.

PlusThis and Zapier – two amazing tools. They both can help make the lives of business owners and their teams much easier. But…which one should you use? Read our FAQs below to learn more about each and how they can benefit you.

1. Isn’t PT another Zapier? No. While PlusThis and Zapier have some overlap in functionality, Zapier is more about connecting two databases and having them talk to one another. PlusThis is an automation enhancer designed for specific needs. Zapier allows databases to connect and talk to one another. PlusThis allows you to enhance your CRM, so you can do more.

2. What are the most common use cases for when you decide to use each? PlusThis is great to use when you are looking to do things within your marketing automation platform that your marketing automat platform doesn’t inherently do. For example, setting field values, copying data over, etc. PlusThis is also great when you’re looking to use marketing tools (ex: split testing, countdown timers, smart links, video triggers, etc.). Zapier, on the other hand, is used best when you are looking to connect databases and make them talk to one another, or use applications that PlusThis does not support (ex: Airtable, etc.).

3. What are tools or use cases from PlusThis that you couldn’t get from Zapier and vice-versa? Below you’ll see an example of things you can do only in PlusThis, and things you can only do in Zapier.

What you can only do in PlusThis:

  • Toolchains
  • Countdown timer
  • Webinar attendance tagging
  • Create Zoom meeting (from internal form)
  • SmartLinks
  • Video Triggers
  • Video Tracking
  • One Click Upsells
  • Contact Validator
  • Throttler
  • Get order/invoice info
  • Facebook audiences
  • Filebox Upload – Keap specific

What is best in Zapier:

  • Email parser
  • Facebook Conversions API
  • Connecting with ‘other’ software
    • E.g. Clockify, Asana, ConnectWise, Pandadoc, Airtable, ScheduleOnce, Jotform, Stripe, Chatbots, SalesForce, etc.
  • Creating Tasks in Asana
  • Trigger from row creation in Google Sheets -> Keap
  • Send email from Outlook or Google accounts
  • New review in Google My Business

4. What are a few examples of when PlusThis saved the day? With over 70+ tools, there are so many ways you can save time and money using PlusThis. Below are just a couple PlusThis tools top marketers have used to save the day.

Zoom meeting tool – Not only can you register contacts, know who attends, etc., but you can record how long they’ve been in the webinar and applied a tag based on that. This is great if you’re unlocking content or achievements based on whether contacts stayed in your meeting.

Google sheets exporter – This is an amazing tool for clients who need to track large groups of people, course takers, community members, etc. This can act as a course management tool to see people’s login data and serve as a huge progress report that updates automatically.

As you can see, there are benefits to using both PlusThis and Zapier to help save you time and problem solve in your business. Do you have anything to add to our lists? Comment below and let us know! 

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