January 6, 2021

Are you one of the thousands of entrepreneurs that run webinars? Maybe you run them now and again, maybe you run them all the time, or maybe you have wanted to run them but aren’t sure exactly where to start.

If you currently run, or have wanted to run webinars and are sick of having the process take you hours upon hours to execute, then keep reading – we’re going to show you how to automate the whole process using PlusThis. 

We’re going to assume your webinar registration follows a process similar to this:

  1. You have some sort of a webinar landing page where attendees can register for your upcoming webinar
  2. Once they register for your webinar, they will receive a series of reminder emails coming from your marketing automation platform leading up to the webinar
  3. Your registrants attend your webinar
  4. Attendees and non attendees will receive a series of emails after the webinar is over

Here’s how it may look in your marketing automation tool:

  1. You can use any form you’d like (your own form, ClickFunnels form, LeadPages form, etc.)
  2. PlusThis will connect that form with the webinar tool of your choice (Zoom, GoToWebinar, or WebinarJam) to register them in that webinar platform
  3. The contact will then be connected back to your marketing automation platform where you can send reminder emails with their join links (provided by PlusThis)
  4. Your registrants will use their unique join links to join the webinar, and PlusThis will tag contacts in your marketing automation platform based on whether they attended or didn’t attend the webinar

Here’s what it looks like set up in PlusThis:

You’ll see that you can easily select from your schedule webinars, choose where you want to store your join link, and choose which tags you would like applied to your contacts.

By using PlusThis to automate your webinar process, you will easily save hours of time, while providing a more customized experience for your registrants.

Check out the full explanation video here.

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