December 18, 2022

Welcome to Day 5 of 12 Days of PlusThis. Where each day, we’ll share a simple way you can start using PlusThis to grow your sales, save time or wow your customers.

And…just to make it a little more fun, we’ll demonstrate each one in the context of helping Santa with his little operation of delivering gifts across the globe.

Santa’s Challenge: Not everyone has the luxury to meet Santa in person. So, Santa wants to run webinars to get in front of as many eager children as possible.

Part of the magic of Christmas is Santa’s brand. So, he needs to use his own landing pages, have reminders sent from his CRM with his email templates, and most of all, have a way to know who attended and who missed so he can invite those who missed out to join him next time and thank those who were able to participate in personally.

How can Santa make his webinars as magical an experience as his in-person events?

Solution (PlusThis Zoom, GoToWebinar, and WebinarJam Connections ): PlusThis makes your webinars magical by allowing your favorite webinar tools to connect with your CRM.

We’ll use PlusThis to register Webinar guests with your favorite landing page tools. We’ll pull all the webinar information to your CRM so you can send reminders using your email templates. And we’ll tag guests based on their attendance so they can each get personalized follow-up.

Here’s how to set it up:

If you’d like to use Zoom, GoToWebinar, or WebinarJam Connections in your marketing automation, you can can start for free here.

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