December 17, 2022

Welcome to Day 4 of 12 Days of PlusThis. Where each day, we’ll share a simple way you can start using PlusThis to grow your sales, save time or wow your customers.

And…just to make it a little more fun, we’ll demonstrate each one in the context of helping Santa with his little operation of delivering gifts across the globe.

Santa’s Challenge: People like knowing where their packages are. And I don’t see that changing just because you happen to be Santa Clause.

So, Santa’s thinking, it would be nice to give people a quick way to text in and get the latest updates on where he is the night before Christmas.

How can Santa integrate text to opt-in with PlusThis?

Solution (PlusThis SMS Sequences): Adding in something like this won’t take long.

Using SMS Sequences, we can have someone join our CRM and get our text messages by texting a keyword like “SANTA.”

Then we can trigger a text message to send in return. Using custom fields, we can even have the text message populate the location of Santa on the fly.

Here’s how to set it up:

If you’d like to use SMS Sequences in your marketing automation, you can can start for free here.

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