December 19, 2022

Welcome to Day 6 of 12 Days of PlusThis. Where each day, we’ll share a simple way you can start using PlusThis to grow your sales, save time or wow your customers.

And…just to make it a little more fun, we’ll demonstrate each one in the context of helping Santa with his little operation of delivering gifts across the globe.

Santa’s Challenge: Santa is working on stepping up his sponsorship game once again, this time with an evergreen expiring coupon.

He wants to offer a coupon on his site that expires a week after someone downloads it. The email or coupon should dynamically populate a date that’s a week away from when they downloaded the coupon.

And, when they click on the coupon or link, they should only go to the BOGO page if the deal hasn’t expired yet. Otherwise, he wants them to see an offer expired page.

Solution (PlusThis Date Calculator and Smart Links): Ohhhh, this is a fun one. Date Calculators, Smart Links and Countdown Timers all help with creating dynamic expiring offers.

We’ll use the Date Calculator to store the Coupon’s expiration date in a custom field when a new lead opts-in for their ice cream coupon. Then we can use that field to merge in the expiration date in the email. For bonus points, we’ll use PicSnippets to merge the date and name into an image.

Lastly, for the links, we’ll use PlusThis Smart Links. These links go to one URL if they click on it before a specific date, and another if they click after that date.

Here’s how to set it up:

If you’d like to use dynamic expiring offers in your marketing automation, you can can start for free here.

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