August 1, 2016

We recently released an all new feature inside of PlusThis that several of you may be interested in.

Google Sheets Exporter allows you to export a saved search from Infusionsoft into a Google Sheet.

This is nice, since once your data is in a spreadsheet like Google Sheets you have more flexibility in how you want to display that data.

For example, sales teams might like a Google Sheet of the recent prospects that came in that’s updated automatically for them every night.

Or maybe you want to track activity by pulling out a saved search based on tags that are applied at different points in a funnel.

Below is a video showing you how to export a saved search from Infusionsoft to a Google Sheet.

Some additional features of Google Sheet Exporter include

  • Scheduling exports to run every week, day, hour.
  • Manual exports at a click of a button
  • Easy to use, no macros or complicated configuration necessary

Let us know how you plan to use this feature in the comments below.

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