Big Updates to GoToWebinar and Video Triggers

This last development round we decided to give some love to two of our most popular features: GoToWebinar and Video Triggers.

Let’s start with GoToWebinar.

When it came to reporting, a number of you had to cross reference Infusionsoft and GoToWebinar to see how many people were registered, who attended and more.

Now we’ve built this reporting directly into PlusThis. (See examples below)


Secondly, there wasn’t an easy way for you all to remove registrants without digging through GoToWebinar and looking up those contacts.

The new and improved GoToWebinar feature now has an option to do this directly from PlusThis. Also, we’ve added a way to make an http post that removes people from a webinar. This makes it easy to automate webinar access when you have paid webinars for example.

Third, we’ve added enhanced support for recurring webinars. You’ll now see more accurate representation of who attended your sessions.

On the Video Triggers side we’ve added a few improvements I think you’ll be equally excited for.

Before, you could only apply tags based on people hitting certain cue points on your video. Now, we’ve added a way to apply tags based on how long someone watches your videos.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 3.17.23 PM

Secondly, we’ve made it so if your contacts start watching a video, get interrupted, come back later and watch more…PlusThis will track that. Pretty cool!

As always, we love hearing what improvements and new features you’d like us to create.

Feel free to browse the list of current suggestions here.

Bryce is the head of marketing for PlusThis. When he's not busy sharing what he's learning with the rest of the PlusThis can find him playing boardgames, nerding out on Marvel movies or wrangling his house of pets.


4 thoughts on “Big Updates to GoToWebinar and Video Triggers”

  1. Ken Krell says:

    OK, let me be the first. I love you, Bryce 😉

    1. Bryce says:

      Haha, hope this helps you out a bit Ken.

  2. Nice work on the video triggers. Another thing to add is to be able to edit it without having to redo everything.

    1. Bryce says:

      Thanks Frenando, I’ll be sure to note that to our developers

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