May 28, 2021

Automation changes the entire business game – but what it does for marketing is on a whole other level. Marketing automation allows for personalized, targeted communication to ideal audiences all while increasing ROI and requiring minimal to no effort. These softwares and and technologies create opportunities for customer relationships to be not only be managed, but also organized, analyzed, and automated in an effort to maximize the collection of leads and deliver an ideal experience through communication and organization.

The systemized softwares allow for the buyer/seller relationship to be strengthened through consistent communication and personalized experiences. The data that can be tracked and analyzed automatically can be utilized in ways that were inconceivable 30 years ago. In 2018 – according to Salesforce, 67% of marketing leaders relied on marketing automation and 21% planned to implement a new marketing automation platform in 2019. But even better, 83% saw a positive ROI based on the strategies implemented.

People crave personalization and communication. They want to feel like their experience differs from others to best fit them and their needs. Through engagement tracking, personalized content, application integrations and retargeted audiences; businesses are able to provide these elements with little effort, and maximum return.

SaaS increases a business’ opportunity to intimately communicate with their customers, and keep the brand in the target audience’s mind throughout their entire journey. Whether it’s a quick promotional email or an expiring deal, mass communication is an essential aspect of marketing automation.

As a result of these quick, easy automations – marketing strategists are able to spend time focusing on other, more time-valuable projects such as high-impact content. Having the business name in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message is extremely helpful in growing business and increasing awareness – so having the extra time to focus on this type of content can be highly beneficial. In many cases, the automation platform or marketing add-on can assist in the production and delivery of this content, which only furthers the influence of ROI.

Getting started with marketing automation seems overwhelming, and it may be without proper knowledge and implementation – but there are several sources for assistance and information to ensure that things work correctly and are being utilized to the best of their ability.

That’s where most marketers go wrong – thinking are using their automation platform at maximum because their methods are currently working – but there are a plethora of strategies, sequences, methods that can be achieved through marketing automation. You just have to know what SaaS is capable of, what is going to work best for your business and remember that there is always room to grow.

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