June 2, 2021

Having a considerable amount of contacts is always ideal, but when a portion of these contacts aren’t actual contacts but bots instead – what do you do?

You can comb through your list and manually remove each unwanted bot, but that takes time, and a lot of patience.

What about using automation for this tedious task? Intimidating? Sure. Easy? Yes.

PlusThis recognized the importance of cleaning your list, and removing unwanted, unengaged contacts to maximize communication with customers and clients. That’s why we created our most sensitive, permanent tool to take care of this task for our users. Contact Nuker is just that – a nuker. It permanently deletes contacts from your records with little to no effort.

I say that it is the most sensitive tool we’ve created since the removal is permanent and cannot be undone. So before configuring the tool, make sure that you know what contacts need to be deleted and that tags are appropriately aligned.

Setting up the tool is simple, we just ask that you confirm the understanding of the tool and how it works. Then, PlusThis will give you a specific Tool URL to place into your contact removal campaign.

Once pasted, the tool URL will be activated in the HTTP Post within the campaign, and will begin cleaning the list of the contacts you set up to remove.

A clean list is more than just organization – it’s a better analysis of what’s working and who is an active contact within your records. Further automation can be used to focus on the important, engaged contacts. By removing bots, or unengaged contacts, the data that comes from any outward communication is more accurately tracked and measured.

This accurate data collection gives you the knowledge and the basis to continue moving forward with your current list and personalizing their experience more appropriately. In addition, the number of contacts that receive your emails consist of actual customers/leads and email deliverability is inevitably improved as a result of appropriate recipients.

Keeping track and managing contacts is already consuming enough – automate the process by implementing smart, efficient tools to do the work for you while still maintaining the organization and flow of your contact records.

For more details about Contact Nuker, check out the tool page or the New Tool Blog!

See The Tool In Action

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