August 31, 2018

Hey PlusThis users! We’re excited to share some developer updates and a new tool that are now live inside the PlusThis library.

If you haven’t already heard about our Calendly Connection, it’s a convenient new tool that allows you to import information from Calendly through PlusThis to save directly into your marketing automation software. Our developers have also made some updates that fix background issues with a few of our popular tools including Email Engagement Triggers and Segment Lists. These updates help our more resource-intensive tools run more effectively.

Make sure to watch this developer update with Christiaan and Rick to learn more about these updates and their applications:

What’s New:

  • *New Feature* Calendly Connection : Import registration/cancellation information from Calendly which can save to a new or existing contact
    • Ex: A new contact signs up for a consultation, but cancels. PlusThis will get the contact information saved into a new contact record, which you can then trigger specific follow up for.
    • Read more about the tool here
  • Updates to Email Engagement Triggers and Segment Lists: Fix background issues with these tools to help them run more smoothly with less errors
    • Ex: Run large lists through our tools with a much more reliable process
    • Our developers are currently working on making this same update to our GoToWebinar connection, Zoom Webinar connection, and our Google Sheets Exporter tool.

In the future…

Our developers want to finish off this scheduling series, so they’re currently working on:

  • A GoToMeeting integration
  • Zoom Meeting integration

That’s all for this developer update. Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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