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New PlusThis Dashboard

We’ve launched a new dashboard!

Why? Because of you!

That’s right, we’re working on making the user experience (a.k.a. your experience) better. We wanted to make everything you need more accessible from tracking your tool runs to managing your plan.

We are super excited about the new dashboard and we think you will love it! And it’s a big update, so there’s a LOT to go over.

So let’s dive in.

QuickStart Checklist

If you are new to PlusThis you will see a helpful QuickStart Checklist. This checklist will guide you through the first steps to getting the most out of PlusThis. Along with the CheckList you will also see a “How to get started” video that will show you everything you need to start using PlusThis.

Plan Details

Depending on if you are in a trial or not you will see one of two things. The first being a progress bar showing days left in your trial as well as a way to select the plan you would like to be on.

Now what if you aren’t in a trial? You still need to see your plan details, but a progress bar wouldn’t be helpful for you. This is why we have a separate widget for accounts not in a trial. This widget will show all your plan details for your current plan as well as an upgraded plan.

Configured Tools

The next section you will see on your Dashboard is your configured tools section. This widget will display how many tools you have configured and how many tools you have remaining.

Tool Runs

Have you ever wondered… how many tools runs have I used? How many tools runs do I have left? Which days did I use the most tool runs? Well if you have then you will love this section. In the tool runs section you will see a graph that displays your tool runs by date. You can also see how many total tool runs you’ve used and how many you have left for your current pay period.

Additional Resources

To finish off the dashboard we have included some additional resources that you may find useful. Things such as submitting a help ticket, exploring our knowledge base or a link to join our Private Facebook Group.


We love to hear from our users

10 years

PlusThis Turns 10 Years Old

Let’s rewind to 2012. Marketing automation pioneers Dave Lee, Brad Martineau, and Todd Stoker (you may have heard of them), were all former employees and leaders of Infusionsoft (now Keap).

After departing Keap, Dave and Brad joined forces to start a marketing automation consultancy, SixthDivision, to help small businesses get the most out of marketing and sales automation.

As they began working with many of Keap’s top users, they noticed a gap in the market.

The tools and integrations they needed to create the types of campaigns they wanted to grow their businesses, simply didn’t exist.

Frank Kern wanted better video tracking so he could trigger automation based on how long someone watched his videos.

Mari Smith wanted to run webinars smoothly by having registration and attendance follow-up handled inside of Infusionsoft.

Others wanted a way to create evergreen campaigns. Where links could behave smarter, by sending people to different pages based on when they clicked them or what tags they had.

Dave Lee, Brad Martineau, and Todd Stoker started PlusThis to help bring these and other tools to life.

Before PlusThis, if a small business wanted these tools, they only had three options.

  1. Hire a developer to build a custom solution
  2. Extensively ‘rig’ Infusionsoft (now Keap)
  3. Do nothing

PlusThis started small, Todd the developer, worked in a conference room, where he kept it as dark as possible to help him focus as he cranked out tools as quickly as ideas were coming in.

Todd in his element

As a bootstrapped business, PlusThis had to be extremely efficient. Todd was making tools, Dave was making deals and they were growing.

Eventually, Todd could only handle being the development and support team for so long so we hired our first customer success employee (Amy), then shortly after we got marketing going (Bryce). And SixthDivision coaches kept the pipeline of new tool ideas flowing.

Over the years we’ve enjoyed growing to additional platforms including ActiveCampaign, Drip, Hubspot and Ontraport.

We hired many more team members (Rick, Kara, Christiaan, Ronnie, Dylan, Courtney, Tim, Ryland, Keri, and more)

We attended many conventions and spoke at many of them as experts too.

Even though we quickly grew to multiple seven figures, we always stayed grounded. Just like our customers, we learned to adapt, reflected on what worked or didn’t, and had many great people come and go.

Today, we have over 70 tools and integrations, We help thousands of small businesses grow their businesses using our toolkit. And we run over 50 million campaign transactions that are saving our customers time, making them more money, and getting their message out there.

One of our core tenets is to enjoy the journey.

Over the years we’ve had an incredible time bonding as a team, taking incredible trips to Hawaii, and celebrating each other’s wins!

The team has humored me on occasion more than once by pulling out some cards or playing a board game. We’ve had a Poker night when Tim came on board. And we’re looking forward to Ryland bringing in his portable steer so we can learn how to rope in the mall parking lot where we work.

When Thor comes out next week, you bet we’ll be there celebrating and enjoying more time together as well.

We’re celebrating by extending some time-sensitive bonuses and savings

And we’re on a mission to help even MORE businesses easily launch advanced digital campaigns, drive higher conversions, make more money, and save time.

Because we’re feeling extra generous on our birthday, we wanted to offer you an amazing opportunity to try PlusThis for a discount (with some added bonuses, of course).

Check out the details here.

Sign up for a free trial of PlusThis by June 30th and get:

  • 30-day FREE trial
  • 15% off for life
  • Free implementation call
  • Free campaigns built in your Keap app ($1,000 value)
  • Free copy of Campaigns of the Titans Vol 1, 2, and 3

SurveyMonkey Connector Blog

New Tool: SurveyMonkey Connector

We’re excited to share more information about our newest tool, SurveyMonkey Connection.

SurveyMonkey Connection is designed to help you connect your SurveyMonkey Surveys with your CRM.

This could be anything from simple customer surveys to robust lead quizzes.

Here’s How it Works

Create Your SurveyMonkey Survey

You start by creating your SurveyMonkey survey as usual. SurveyMonkey Connection supports the following question types: Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Single and Multiple Textbox, Matrix, and Contact Information.

Configure Tags and Custom Fields

Once your survey is ready, you can connect to it with PlusThis to apply tags to contacts that answer questions a certain way.

You can also store responses to your survey questions to any custom fields you select.

Share Your Survey

PlusThis will automatically start adding contacts, updating tags, and storing results in custom fields.

It’s that easy.

Watch a Demo Using Infusionsoft or Keap With PlusThis

Watch a Demo Using ActiveCampaign With PlusThis

Let us know how you plan on using SurveyMonkey Connector

We hope you’ll find our newest tool helpful. We’d love to hear how you plan on using it in the comments below.