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How To Use The Email Subscription Manager Tool

Have you ever been in a situation where you were on someone’s list and wanted to opt out from SOME things, without opting out entirely?

Or maybe, you wanted to give your list the option to update their email preferences, while still receiving the content they want.

If that sounds like something you’ve wished for, keep reading for a simple campaign you can implement today.

In this campaign, all new contacts will get their email subscription tags so they can use the Email Subscription Center tool going forward.

We’re going to start by tagging new contacts using the PlusThis Toolchain.

Then, the contacts will enter in a sequence where tags would be applied that match up with the email “lists” people start out subscribed to. This can be anything from newsletters, to updates, promos, etc.

The Email Subscription Manager tool will then give you a link to a page that will unsubscribe people from the list’s “tags” when they select it.

As contacts use the email subscription center, tags will be removed. So when you do broadcasts, you can use those tags to know who to send the emails to and who should not get them any longer.

Here’s a walkthrough of the campaign.

Are you ready to give your list the option to update their email preferences?

This is one of the many campaigns you’ll have access to when signing up for our Keap and ActiveCampaign campaign templates.

Get The “Email Subscription Manager” Campaign

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Introducing The All New PlusThis Campaign Library

Isn’t it fun logging into Keap or ActiveCampaign, loading up the builder, and then staring at that blank page trying to figure out how to delicately craft your next marketing automation?

No, it’s not. Don’t lie!

90% of the time that I need to do another webinar, I copy the campaign from a previous time I implemented one. Why recreate the wheel if you don’t have to?

At least, that’s how we feel, and that’s why we’ve started housing the campaigns we create for Keap and ActiveCampaign users in our brand new Campaign Library for free.

The new PlusThis campaign library for Keap and ActiveCampaign

We’re just getting started, but you’ll be be able to find campaigns for email validation, list cleaning, webinars, evergreen expiring offers, video tracking and engagement automation, document signing, and more.

If there’s a campaign you’re looking for that we don’t have, we’ve included a Typeform survey to collect your suggestions.

We’ve already been doing a good flow of releasing new campaigns every two weeks so we hope to make this a valuable resource for you and build it based on your needs too.

Here’s how it works

If you want to have a campaign imported, the process is simple.

First, you’ll go to and find a campaign you are interested in. You’ll simply click the button to get the campaign.

Second, if you’re already a PlusThis customer, you’ll see all the instructions needed to have us import the campaign into your Keap or ActiveCampaign app. We’ll just need a few simple things like your name, email, Keap ID, and the campaign you want. ActiveCampaign templates are similar.

Third, if you are not a PlusThis customer, that’s okay. We just need to schedule a call where you and Bryce can hop on a call to get everything needed to add the campaign and tools into your app as well. Still free, and no obligation to become a PlusThis customer…although you’ll probably want to in order to make these campaigns really work and shine.

What happens after you import my campaign? Am I alone? Can anyone help me?

Here’s the truth about templates, most people who get a template never see the benefit of it because they simply don’t implement the strategies into their business.

Importing a campaign without completing the final touches is like ordering a meal kit, but never taking the time to put it in the oven.

However, the customers of ours that download the campaigns, show up to a free implementation call, and get it running inside their business, see results quickly.

Next Steps

Go check out the Campaign Library. Pick out a campaign that you think could help your business. And give us some feedback on the form at the bottom of the site!

How to automate your Zoom Webinars - Blog (2)

How to automate your Zoom Webinars

Hosting a Zoom Webinar is an amazing way to bring in new leads or help existing customers. However, even though it comes with some great outcomes it often comes with a lot of work, like registering guests, sending reminders, and following up with attendees.

This all takes lots of time when done manually, but what if I told you it doesn’t have to be done manually.

Introducing PlusThis “Zoom Webinar Connection”

This tool allows you to…

  • Register guests for webinars using your CRM
  • Automatically tag and segment attendees and non-attendees
  • Store join links to the contact record
  • See registration and attendee reporting
  • Create an add to calendar link

The Setup

1. Create a webinar registration form

Create a custom registration form on any webpage that allows guests to register for the webinar and provide the information necessary to follow-up with them.

2. Register guests in your CRM

With the PlusThis tool in action, PlusThis will connect the form with both Zoom and your marketing automation platform to register guests.

3. Send reminder emails

Use the information that’s sent to your CRM to send reminder emails with the webinar join links that are provided by the PlusThis tool.

4. Run your Webinar

Without worrying about if guests received there reminders for the webinar, prepare for a packed event and watch it go off without a problem.

5. Tag attendees and non-attendees

Without lifting another finger, automatically tag all registered guests based on who attended and who missed it.

6. Send follow-up emails

Then, you can customize your follow-up emails based on whether your registrants attended your webinar or not.

Now what?

If you have reached it this far then I assume you want to set this up for your webinars, but once again… manual work. Such as creating a campaign but the good news is we already created it for you and we can install this campaign straight into your CRM.

Here’s a quick look at the campaign we’ll send you:

Get the “Zoom Webinar/Meeting” Campaign Now

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