PlusThis Update July 5th

PlusThis Update July 5th

It’s been 10 days since we launched our new platform so I wanted to write a quick update on what’s been happening here at PlusThis.

First of all, since launching the new platform we’ve run over 2 million of your feature requests.

We’ve added four new features SMS Sequences, Split Names, Timeframe Triggers and Scarcity Triggers (More on these later).

And made two new idea guides, “How to Give a Bonus to the First ‘X’ People Who Buy” and “How to Give 20% Off to the First 10 People Who Buy“.

We’re grateful for your patience as we worked on the kinks of launching a new platform. More improvements are coming your way.

I hope you can see by the amount of new features we’ve added so quickly that we’re excited to get back to work on innovating new features to help your marketing efforts.

Speaking of which, in case you missed them, here are some of the new features we’ve released since launch, how they work and some of the more common use cases.

SMS Sequences

This is the feature you’ll want to use for your text-to-opt-in scenarios. In addition to text-to-opt-in it can also do some more advanced SMS conversations. For example, you can apply tags based on whether they responded with a yes or no.

You can watch a demo and learn more about it here.

Split Names

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 3.07.55 PM

This is one of our new utility features. Sometimes you may import a list of contacts that has first and last names all combined into one field. This feature simply splits the first and last name into two separate fields.

Timeframe Triggers

This is a new favorite of mine. This feature is handy for any of those times you wanted to make a special offer for people who buy in the next hour. The feature is fairly flexible and basically lets you choose a LIVE time frame such as between 1 and 2pm on July 4th. Then if anyone hits your feature http post during that time, a tag is applied.

You can watch a demo and learn more about it here.

Scarcity Triggers

Lastly, Scarcity Triggers are really exciting for any of you who have wanted to use more scarcity in your campaigns. Things like, giving a bonus to the first 10 people who buy. After announcing this feature on our Facebook User Group, some of you requested a way to give a discount to the first “x” people who buy. So I went ahead and made an idea guide on how to do that as well.

You can watch a demo and learn more about it here.

And you can watch the idea guides for this feature below.

How to Give a Bonus to the First ‘X’ People Who Buy

How to Give 20% Off to the First 10 People Who Buy

New Feature Pages

As you can tell, I’m going to have my hands busy keeping everyone updated on the new features we’re cranking out.

So, I’ve reworked some of the pages on our site to make it easier for you to educate yourselves on our features as we release them.

Our Features page now has all of our features listed, along with a short description.

I’ve also been adding more and more individual feature pages as time permits. There you will be able to find video demos, use cases, how-to’s and screenshots with more details covering each feature.

More Idea Guides

The Idea Guides page is continuing to grow, so make sure to check back from time to time to see what we’ve added and learn how you can expand on your marketing strategies and tactics.

As we add more videos I’m sure we’ll be updating this page to make it easier to sort and find the kinds of idea guides you’re looking for.

Always happy to hear your suggestions on what kind of content you’d like us to create or how we can make the site easier for you to use.

Coming Soon…

The features are still flowing out. Stay tuned next week for an announcement of our next feature.

If you have any features you’d like to recommend, we’re interested.

Just simply browse our PlusThis Uservoice and suggest your feature there. Each week we review them and pick a handful to add to our development list.

If you don’t have any feature ideas currently, feel free to browse and vote for the ones you’d like created.


New PlusThis Arrives Next Week…Here’s What’s Coming

Things are chugging along smoothly here at PlusThis.

We’re just a WEEK away from the launch of the new platform and have some exciting updates to share with you.

First, we held a small preview event with a handful of partners, customers and Infusionsoft employees to get feedback and suggestions on the new features and updates coming to PlusThis next week.


Slack for iOS Upload

It was a great event and we came away with several excellent ideas and suggestions to implement for our launch.

In the preview, we gave a behind the scenes peek at what’s coming to PlusThis June 24th.

Here’s what we shared.

The new PlusThis is a major rewrite and many of the benefits for the end user may be hidden, ie (faster service, reliability, quicker implementation of new features, etc). We covered some of the hidden benefits in our previous blog here.

However, with the new PlusThis will come several “quality of life” improvements you’ll immediately benefit from. I’ll share some examples below.


One of my favorite new “quality of life” improvements is the search capabilities we’ve added to the app. Now you’ll be able to find the features you want to add more quickly as well as search through your configured features.



Billing will now be connected directly to PlusThis instead of through a CustomerHub account.

Change your plans, see how many features you’re using, view invoices or update a credit card all from inside the app.




Multiple Accounts

ICP’s and partners will love this one. Now you will be able to manage multiple companies/accounts and users from within your app.

It’s easy to switch from one client’s PlusThis account to another, invite users and more.




In addition to some improvements to the app in general, we’re preparing to launch two new features Timeframe Triggers and SMS Sequences.

Timeframe Triggers

Timeframe Triggers will allow you to tag people if they hit your http post during a certain timeframe.

I know that means nothing to you, so let me explain why or when you might use something like this.

Say you’re running a live webinar that goes from 1-2pm on Friday, July 3rd. On the webinar you want to give a bonus away, but only to people who buy in the next hour.

PlusThis will let you make a rule that says, anyone who buys your product between 2-3pm on Friday, July 3rd will get this tag. You can then use that tag to deliver the bonus. Everyone else goes through business as usual.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 4.37.46 PM

This is where you’d use a Timeframe Trigger.

There’s a couple other ways you can use this feature that are pretty neat.

  • Assign leads to reps based on when people opt-in to your lead gen
  • Run special holiday promotions easily, without having to rewrite your campaigns or copy emails
  • Offer different follow-up, bonuses or offers based on when people purchase or opt-in

I’ll be recording some idea guides and videos to show this feature off in more detail soon.

SMS Sequences

The second feature we’re releasing with the new PlusThis is SMS Sequences.

This is a game changer.

By far, text-to-opt-in has become the most requested feature we are asked for.

SMS Sequences will allow you to text-to-opt-in…and more.

You will now have the ability to create a contact and tag someone when they text a keyword to your SMS number.

In addition, you can tag people differently based on what they text back to you.

For example, say you’re a gym and you have a text go out asking if they worked out this week?

If the response is “Yes” they are tagged and followed up with accordingly. If they say “No” they get a different tag and follow-up sequence.


Here’s what this sequence looks like inside the new PlusThis app.

Super simple to set up.


Likewise, I’ll be creating some idea guides and videos showing how this feature works in the next couple days.

Website Updates

This is another area we’re excited about.

At the beginning of the year we launched our new website. It was a nice step forward from our old site. A site that required our developers’ time to do any kind of updates or changes.

But the new site came with some challenges as well.

We chose a theme in hindsight that was poorly supported by its developers. It was slow. And it had bugs.

So about a month ago we hired an agency to manage the website for us.

And starting tonight, you’ll begin to see the impact it has.

The first round of changes will improve the site’s speed by over 200% according to our tests.

Some of our pages are getting overhauled including the blog, testimonials and parts of the home page.

As we go forward, we have several goals we’re pursuing to improve the site including…

  • More content around ALL of the features PlusThis offers
    • We currently have pages touching on maybe half of the features PlusThis offers
  • More case studies and idea guides to share how other marketers use PlusThis to convert more sales
    • These have been a popular resource for our customers and we plan on releasing more of these as we go
  • More updates
    • As we release more features more quickly, we’ll need to keep you informed on the added capabilities we’re releasing
    • We’ll be posting updates on the blog so you can always stay on top of what’s new in PlusThis

The first round of changes will happen tonight, June 17th at 7pm Pacific.

The site will be down during this time for no more than an hour. This does not affect your PlusThis app in any way. You can login and manage your features during this time. And all of your features will continue to run as normal.

What to Expect As We Migrate You to the New PlusThis

Lastly, here’s what you need to know about your PlusThis app as we move over to the new platform.

On June 24th between 7:00 PM and midnight Pacific Time, PlusThis will have limited availability as described below.

  • Feature Creation and Edits – You will be unable to create and edit features.
  • Easy Check-in Admin Area – You will be unable to use the Admin Area, but badge QR Code scanning will function.
  • PlusThis Login – You may not be able to log in.

However, your features will continue to run during this period without any disruption.

That’s it for now.

We’re excited to launch.

We’ll have more updates like these in the future.

Let us know your feedback or what has you excited in the comments below.