Compare Fields

Compare Fields Feature Spotlight

For many marketing campaigns, the most personal way to engage with your customer is to reference their own data in your campaign.

This can be difficult and time consuming to match each person’s data to their profile, especially if the data can vary month to month.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out. Our new feature, Compare Fields, will compare two field values in a contact record and based on the evaluation it will apply a selected tag.

Compare Fields is used as an automation tool in which you can choose two field values to be evaluated by a comparator (greater than, less than, equal to, etc.). If the comparison is true then the selected tag will then be applied.

Check out this demo to learn how to make your campaigns more personalized.



Create  or select two different fields to compare

Use the plus boxes to create your own personalized fields that will apply to your customer. Decide which comparator to use to connect the fields.

Create a tag to be applied 

In this example, we created a coupon tag to be applied to the customer. This means that if the comparison is true, the coupon tag will be applied to them.

Add new comparison (optional)

If you want to add additional comparisons for applying a tag, you can click the “add new comparison button and select a new comparison to use.

Save your feature and implement it in your marketing automation

After you save your feature, you can implement it with an http post, webhook or other method. Check out the feature video in your app to see more.

We’re excited to use this tool in our own campaigns so that we can build more engaging content for you! Feel free to share how you will be using this tool to simplify your life in the comments below.

contact locator

Feature Spotlight: Contact Locator

For many businesses, knowing the physical location of your customers, leads or prospects is important.

There are some ways to do this, but most of them are not ideal. For example, you can have each of your leads submit this information on a form…if your leads don’t mind filling out 20 step forms.

Or you can install some jquery scripts and edit hidden fields on your forms if you have the time and enjoy building more complicated, technical processes.

Thankfully the good news is we can get a fair approximation of a contact’s city, state, and zip based on their IP using the “Contact Locator” feature in PlusThis. This feature will work with your marketing automation system including Infusionsoft, Drip and Ontraport.

Here’s how it works.

Store Geolocation Info

PlusThis stores their location information including city, state, country, zip and timezone.

Trigger Automation Once A Location is Determined

Once PlusThis finds the location information on the contact, PlusThis will tag or trigger API goals to start any automation you need next.

For example…a new lead comes in -> PlusThis finds their location -> PlusThis tags contact -> contact is added to the regional sales person’s list to make a call.

Another use case we’ve found is for membership sites. This feature works great for any membership site where you’d like to easily find which regions your members are a part of.

Start Collecting Location Information

PlusThis gives you a simple snippet you can copy and paste on the Thank You page of any form. When a contact lands there, PlusThis will be able to store their location information automatically.

And that’s it. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or just want to share your own ideas on how you’d use this feature in your business.


New Feature: One-Click Upsell

We’re excited to announce the release of our newest feature, One-Click Upsells.

After months of research, feedback, and testing, we’ve created a One-Click Upsell feature designed for the core Infusionsoft user.

Our goal was to create something unique that struck a balance between power and simplicity. We hope you’ll see how we did it in the video idea guide below.

One Click Upsell comes with the following features.

  • Ability to create one click upsells and downsells
  • Upsells can be added to your existing order instead of creating two separate orders
  • Choose from products, subscriptions or modify a subscription
  • Select a duration for how long your upsell/downsell is available
  • Create redirects for successful upsell/downsell purchases
  • Configure decline actions. Useful for downsell opportunities
  • Design your button to trigger the upsell/downsell
  • Embed your upsell/downsell button on any website or Infusionsoft Thank You Page.

Getting started is easy

Pick your product or subscription.

Override pricing and quantity (optional).

Select a duration for how long the one click upsell will be available.


Create your upsell success actions.


Create your upsell decline actions (useful for downsells)


Create your upsell button.

And your decline button.


Embed your buttons on your upsell page.


That’s it.

We’re excited to help you start running upsells right away.

We’d love to hear your ideas for how you’d use it or any other feedback/suggestions in the comments below!