New Feature: One-Click Upsell

We’re excited to announce the release of our newest feature, One-Click Upsells.

After months of research, feedback, and testing, we’ve created a One-Click Upsell feature┬ádesigned for the core Infusionsoft user.

Our goal was to create something unique that struck a balance between power and simplicity. We hope you’ll see how we did it in the video idea guide below.

One Click Upsell comes with the following features.

  • Ability to create one click upsells and downsells
  • Upsells can be added to your existing order instead of creating two separate orders
  • Choose from products, subscriptions or modify a subscription
  • Select a duration for how long your upsell/downsell is available
  • Create redirects for successful upsell/downsell purchases
  • Configure decline actions. Useful for downsell opportunities
  • Design your button to trigger the upsell/downsell
  • Embed your upsell/downsell button on any website or Infusionsoft Thank You Page.

Getting started is easy

Pick your product or subscription.

Override pricing and quantity (optional).

Select a duration for how long the one click upsell will be available.


Create your upsell success actions.


Create your upsell decline actions (useful for downsells)


Create your upsell button.

And your decline button.


Embed your buttons on your upsell page.


That’s it.

We’re excited to help you start running upsells right away.

We’d love to hear your ideas for how you’d use it or any other feedback/suggestions in the comments below!


Bryce is the head of marketing for PlusThis. When he's not busy sharing what he's learning with the rest of the PlusThis can find him playing boardgames, nerding out on Marvel movies or wrangling his house of pets.


2 thoughts on “New Feature: One-Click Upsell”

  1. bmfarr says:

    Great addition. Thanks guys!

  2. Eric Bobrow says:

    Glad to see you add this feature. We’ve been using ClickFunnels to handle most of our order processing, however there are times that this would be very valuable for us.

    How would you deploy it on a website? Does it simply require that the URL contains the contact data in the query string – ?inf_contact_key=xxxxx…

    I’m pretty sure I understand how it would work if sent to the website URL as the thank you page following an order; however I’m wondering if we can send people to a URL from an email and have the script pick up their contact data (and credit card info) to “add on to their membership” – essentially a delayed one-click upsell at some later point in time, using their credit card on file.

    Also, how does the script know if the sale is successful – sometimes people order something, then want to order a second item using their card, but it gets declined. Does your script know how to deal with a declined payment?

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