Exciting Changes Coming to PlusThis

For the last several months we’ve been working behind the curtains on a new and improved version of PlusThis.

Today, we are finally at a point where we’d love to share more about what this means for you, why we did the rework, the benefits of the new system and what’s to come.

Why the Rework?

First of all, we know you’d love it if PlusThis could just continue pumping out new features every couple weeks. So why did we slow down releasing new features in order to work on the new version of PlusThis?

Great question.

When we originally built PlusThis it was very much a “build it as you think it up” piece of software. We built feature after feature based on our clients’ needs as they came up. At that time, we had no idea that this feature library we were creating was eventually going to turn into a 30+ feature product.

We had built PlusThis in a way that only allowed us to reliably accommodate a few thousand customers. But as PlusThis grew and grew and GREW, it was abundantly clear that we needed the software to grow with that demand. We needed to build a solution that was designed as a feature library and not just a group of individual features that happen to co-exist in a temporary home we created out of convenience.

Over the past 3+ years, we’ve learned a lot of lessons, and have worked to create a new platform that implements these lessons. Ultimately what the new PlusThis provides is fewer  bugs, virtually no downtime, more reliability, and a better overall experience for our customers. We’ve been working hard for the past several months to build a better solution, sprinkling in new features along the way.

Today, we are nearing the end of development for PlusThis 2.0 and we’re excited to start revealing some of the awesome new benefits for our users.

What PlusThis 2.0 Means For You?

There are a number of noticeable benefits you’ll see as an end user, but behind the scenes there have been a number of improvements that help with the overall experience (server uptime, monitoring, reliability, etc).

Below are some of the top benefits coming with PlusThis 2.0.

  • Billing info now part of PlusThis. Our customers will be able to manage their own billing settings from within PlusThis without having to contact support.
  • Stronger integration with Infusionsoft. Our developers have worked directly with Infusionsoft’s developers, QA and API teams for over 3 years building a fine-tuned, integrated, stable, clean and simple system that connects smoothly.
  • Even better reliability, uptime, dependability. We understand PlusThis carries critical data for you to run your campaigns. You need to trust PlusThis will run what you’ve told it to run when you need it to run. So we’ve increased the number of servers PlusThis uses along with a sophisticated system of redundancies across PlusThis eliminating single points of failure. Translation. Whether you have a big or small list, PlusThis is NOT going to be down when you need it.
  • Single login can manage multiple accounts. This is a feature that will benefit anyone managing multiple Infusionsoft accounts, like Infusionsoft Certified Partners who run multiple PlusThis accounts with multiple clients. We’ve made it easy to manage multiple accounts in one place.
  • New SMS. We know MANY of our customers want MORE SMS functionality. We’ve completely revamped our SMS feature and have more functionality coming soon.
    • Cheaper – we cut out ourselves out as the middle man so you can pay wholesale pricing on your text fees. It used to be 5 cents a text, now you’ll only pay $0.0075 a text (in the U.S.)
    • Over 150 countries supported (See full list here.)
    • More reliable – built around the industry leader in the space, Twilio
    • More control/flexibility for you
    • Dedicated phone number – You own your SMS reputation. No more worrying about others’ SPAM affecting your SMS deliverability.
    • And coming soon: manage your own responses (2-way), text opt-in, dynamic responses (conversation style).
  • Easier to find EVERYTHING with new search feature.
    • We’ve added a search function to the features pages
    • Quickly find features you’ve created
    • Quickly find features you want to create
    • Easier to find tags, custom fields, webinars, FB audiences, phone’s, etc, etc
  • Quicker roll out of new features (we had to slow down new feature development in order to rebuild for the future, and rolling out new features used to take a while because they impacted other features…now that’s not a problem)
  • Proper case fields now has more options
  • Split testing greatly improved & faster
  • And a few surprises we’ll unveil later

So When Will PlusThis 2.0 Launch?

We’re currently wrapping up the last touches, polish, and testing on the new system. PlusThis 2.0 is coming soon in Q2 2016.

Bryce is the head of marketing for PlusThis. When he's not busy sharing what he's learning with the rest of the PlusThis community...you can find him playing boardgames, nerding out on Marvel movies or wrangling his house of pets.


6 thoughts on “Exciting Changes Coming to PlusThis”

  1. Aumji says:

    Exciting news! You guys keep knocking it out of the park. In addition to all the other updates…the new SMS developments are very welcome. I’m very much looking forward to the release of PlusThis 2.0!

  2. bradleyusa says:

    Sounds great! Come out with a great re-launch deal and we’ll sign up. When Graphly launched, they offered their high end Business Plus plan for 70% off. We locked in a deal for $47. We’ll never leave them. Your pricing only includes 15 actions. Just not enough. It’s a great product, but I think you guys would get a lot more clients with a better (less limiting) pricing model for PlusThis. But hey, it’s your business. We’re probably too high on our stuff. So what do I know. I just know we’ll jump on a great deal if and when we see one. But I don’t want my marketing creativity to be stifled or limited by such small numbers of actions. Feels too much like the cell phone overages of yesteryear. – Gratefully, Brad Johnson CEO GoAskSuzie.com

  3. Rod Santomassimo says:

    Can’t wait to learn more about your IS integration, and the billing info.

  4. Amanda Bond says:

    Love the multiple account support! Perfect for us partners and service providers. Cheers!

  5. Nick Ahrens says:

    Stoked for the additions to the SMS feature!

  6. Tanya Aliza says:

    Very cool. Espeically excited about the new SMS pricing. Love you guys!

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