June 8, 2021

When creating content and sending it out to your list, it’d be nice to know who’s actually visiting your page and for how long. That would give us the opportunity to see who’s spending the most time on your page, who is a strong potential lead and the knowledge to follow-up with them appropriately.

With PlusThis, this is not only possible but it’s super easy. One tool, that’s all it takes to tag contacts based on the amount of time they spent on a certain page. Page Triggers applies tags based on how long a contact/lead visits your page and then the tool allows you to distribute a follow-up that addresses the amount of time they interacted with your content.

These tags can be used for a number of things, but demonstration purposes – let’s say that we want to send different follow-up messages to people that visited the page for 30 seconds, 1 minute and 2 minutes or more.

How would we set this automation up?

How It’s Done

Step 1: Configuration

Select the tag(s) you’d like to be applied to contacts and when. For this example, we’re looking to tag contacts when they visit the page for 30 seconds, 1 minute and 2 minutes. This is what our configuration may look like:

Then, we’ll give the tool a name and save it within the appropriate folder to be able to locate it later.

Step 2: Receive Code & URL Link

Once saved, we receive a code to place within the desired page.

But that’s not it – for the email that is disbursing the content I am trying to track my contacts engagement with – I need to use a specific URL to ensure that Page Triggers can actually track and organize my contacts with their contact id and/or email address when they visit the page for the specified time.

Luckily, PlusThis has a Link Generator that we’ll paste the desired URL in, and then receive the appropriate link to include within the emails.

Step 3: Follow-Up Based On How Long They Engage

Now that this information is tracked and stored within the contact record, it can be referred to when considering follow-up.

Someone who visited the page for 30 seconds, may not have seen the awesome promo deal I had at the bottom of the page and may need a follow-up that brings it to their attention.

A contact that visited the page for a minute, definitely saw more content than the person who was on the page for 30 seconds, but maybe they didn’t watch the video which gives me the knowledge to reach out to remind them to watch it.

For the contacts that spend 2 minutes or more on the page – maybe I could reward them with a special offer for my service/product to entice them to complete the purchase.

Ultimately, the information that is provided by the Page Triggers tool gives you ample opportunities to cater to each contacts experience.

See The Tool In Action


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