February 18, 2022

It’s update time!

We’re always working on our tools to be sure that they are doing what’s expected of them – and more. 

Recently, we made some updates to our DocuSign Connection, Order to Contact, Zoom and Typeform Connection tools. 

Here are the key updates to know about: 

DocuSign Connection

– Save completed documents directly to contact record

Order to Contact

–  Apply a tag once the tool has been executed

Typeform Connection

– Resolved error when the option “other” is selected, now pushes appropriate configurations

Zoom Connection

– Include minimum meeting duration to reduce incorrect reporting during testing

DocuSign Connection

Prior to this update, only certain sections of the document could be saved directly to the contact record. Now, you’re able to have the entire document saved after it’s been completed. 

This can be selected in the Save Responses section of configuration.

Order to Contact

This tool got an upgrade to allow you to apply a tag when the tool has been executed to save order or invoice information directly to the contact record.

Typeform Connection

We caught a bug that popped up when users had survey’s with the option “other” that was causing the automations set up to not work appropriately. 

Therefore, we made some updates on the backend to our Typeform Connection that removes that issue. Now, if contacts select “other” in a question, the appropriate tags and automation will occur.

Zoom Connection

Prior to this update, if you were to test your meeting or webinar beforehand – it would fire off the report and tag contacts as unattended. 

Now, there is a part of configuration that allows you to specify the meeting duration in minutes. We’ll use this to determine if it’s the right time to pull the report and initiate the automations.

Lots of good things coming from our development team, and trust me, there’s more coming!

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