December 22, 2022

Welcome to Day 9 of 12 Days of PlusThis. Where each day, we’ll share a simple way you can start using PlusThis to grow your sales, save time or wow your customers.

And…just to make it a little more fun, we’ll demonstrate each one in the context of helping Santa with his little operation of delivering gifts across the globe.

Santa’s Elves’ Challenge: As we all know, Christmas is more of a seasonal job for most elves. So, they prefer to bill Santa on a retainer.

To avoid bordering on slave labor, Santa is interested in learning how he can help his elves create a retainer tracking system. The system needs to be able to deduct a certain number of hours from Santa’s total retainer and let him know when he’s getting low so he can renew when needed.

Solution (PlusThis Math): The elves will use PlusThis Math as a way to track the number of hours Santa has earned and used up. With Math, they can easily add hours to the retainer pool when Santa makes a purchase and likewise remove hours when calls and work are completed.

So in this scenario, the elves can store the number of hours Santa has bought in his retainer. Then each call or shift, their CRM can subtract the number of hours used automatically.

Once the hours are low, their marketing automation can send a reminder to Santa to purchase more hours.

Here’s how to set it up:

If you’d like to track hours or any other math functions with your marketing automation, you can can start for free here.

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