Developer Update

PlusThis Developer Update June 15, 2018

Hey PlusThis users! We’re excited to share some great feature updates and a brand new tool that are now live inside the PlusThis library.

The updates give a fresh spin on some of our tools such as File Box Uploader, Set Fields, and Simple Email Survey, and our brand new tool that allows you to trigger follow-up based on how a field compares to another. Sound interesting?

Make sure to watch this developer update with Christiaan to learn more about these feature updates and their applications:

What’s New:

  • File Box Uploader and Google Drive Uploader: Adding a redirect after you upload a file
    • Ex: Customer goes through sequence of steps such as uploading a headshot and filling out a form, and then is redirected to a thank you page through redirect link
  • Set Fields *Now available on ActiveCampaign*: Sets a field to a value you type or copy from another field
    • Ex: Move information from one field to another or set it to a static value
  • Simple Email Survey: Ability to archive answers
    • Ex: Question in survey was updated, but previous answer was archived with response so it is not lost
  • Compare Fields *New Feature*: Ability to trigger automation based on how different fields compare to eachother
    • Ex: Track dynamic numbers by setting a goal in one field and compare it (equal to/not equal to, less than/greater than, contains/does not contains) to another field; tag is applied if outcome is true

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Google Drive Uploader

New Feature: Google Drive Uploader

Is there an easy way for my clients and customers to upload files through my marketing automation platform?

Will I be able to trigger automation if they upload a file?

And will I be limited by the number of files I can have uploaded or how big the file is?

With Google Drive Uploader, you’re able to create an easy process for your customers to upload files to your Google Drive using your marketing automation platform. We’ve included a number of additional features that make this feature flexible to handle a wide variety of circumstances any small business could face.

Google Drive Uploader allows you or your contacts to…

  • Upload multiple files at once
  • Upload larger files up to 5TB in size
  • Rename files automatically to fit your naming conventions
  • Easily find specific files for any contact

The PlusThis file upload wizard makes it easy to build a step by step process based on the number of files you need uploaded by the contact:

In this fashion, it’s easy to walk your customers or prospects through the necessary steps required to obtain the files you need. As you can see, renaming files in this process is straightforward, even giving you the option to use merge fields.


Next, we store a link to the Google Drive folder on the contact record in a custom field.


This makes it easy for you to track down any files your contacts have uploaded.

Next, we give you the html code to put on your site or other places. This is where you’ll send someone to upload their files.

Lastly, you just need to send people to this page using the url PlusThis gives you.

Your files now show up on your Drive under the PlusThis folder.

You can also find the file by clicking the link in the contact record’s custom field.

And that’s it. Super simple and efficient.

We hope this helps make the file uploading process less of a chore. Happy to answer any questions in the comments below.