June 15, 2018

Hey PlusThis users! We’re excited to share some great feature updates and a brand new tool that are now live inside the PlusThis library.

The updates give a fresh spin on some of our tools such as File Box Uploader, Set Fields, and Simple Email Survey, and our brand new tool that allows you to trigger follow-up based on how a field compares to another. Sound interesting?

Make sure to watch this developer update with Christiaan to learn more about these feature updates and their applications:

What’s New:

  • File Box Uploader and Google Drive Uploader: Adding a redirect after you upload a file
    • Ex: Customer goes through sequence of steps such as uploading a headshot and filling out a form, and then is redirected to a thank you page through redirect link
  • Set Fields *Now available on ActiveCampaign*: Sets a field to a value you type or copy from another field
    • Ex: Move information from one field to another or set it to a static value
  • Simple Email Survey: Ability to archive answers
    • Ex: Question in survey was updated, but previous answer was archived with response so it is not lost
  • Compare Fields *New Feature*: Ability to trigger automation based on how different fields compare to eachother
    • Ex: Track dynamic numbers by setting a goal in one field and compare it (equal to/not equal to, less than/greater than, contains/does not contains) to another field; tag is applied if outcome is true

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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