3 thoughts on “Email Engagement Triggers Feature Spotlight”

  1. Kevin Porter says:

    This is really great… congrats!

    Only 1 thing… after creating it, it gives the option to use an HTTP post link, does this link need to go in all sequences to maintain updating the contact or only once and the entrance to the sequence?

    1. Ronald Richmond says:

      Hey Kevin,

      Great question! You have a few different options to run this feature. You can either run it with an HTTP post as you’ve indicated. If you do it this way, then the feature will only run on each contact as they hit the HTTP post. So, if you want to keep updating your contacts this way, then you would need to add it to each sequence you would like to check them.

      But right above where you would name the feature, you have the option to run a “Bulk Update”. This allows you to run it against your entire database, or all those with a specific tag. You can also set this up on a schedule. So if you would like to rerun it each month to see if anyone has gone from 30 days to 60 days for example, you can.

      Does that make sense?

      1. Kevin Porter says:

        Yes, makes perfect sense!

        Ran the bulk update here, se the schedular too, going to check the results. Thanks

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