February 4, 2016

Facebook Lead Ads

Ever since we launched our Facebook Audience Triggers, we heard a resounding cry for Lead Ads support.

Today, every one of our PlusThis customers has access to the latest and greatest way to generate leads from Facebook.

If you’re curious what Facebook Lead Ads are and why it’s such a requested feature, read on.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads in the most simple sense are a way to advertise to people on Facebook and have them sign up for your offer without ever having to leave Facebook.



Here’s what it looks like.

  1. You create an ad for your free offer.
  2. Facebook collects their information directly using their own “lead form”
  3. You deliver the offer to the list of contacts Facebook generated

Why is this so cool?

For a lot of reasons.

First, conversions are going to be higher when someone doesn’t have to go to a different site to complete the lead process.

Second, you don’t have to spend the time and money creating a landing page for each of your Facebook offers.

Third, your prospects are going to love being able to sign up for your offers without having to go through a dragged out process.

But….there’s a PROBLEM with vanilla Facebook Lead Ads.

The Problem With Facebook Lead Ads

All those eager to work with you prospects your Lead Ads are generating. After they hit that beautiful submit button, end up going to the Facebook cloud, where they wait for you to download and upload them to your Infusionsoft app.

This is no fun for your prospects or you.

The prospects click “subscribe” and then sit there twiddling their thumbs till a marketer finishes the delivery process manually.

While you have the unpleasant task of deciding how often to download new leads from Facebook and import them into Infusionsoft.

Here’s where you could see the issue. Someone could sign up for your free guide and not receive it until you have the time to manually import them into Infusionsoft and add them to the delivery sequence.

At PlusThis we didn’t like that. And we knew we could make this work much more smoothly for your customers and yourself.

How PlusThis Makes Facebook Lead Ads Work With Infusionsoft

We built an integration with Facebook that makes it so when someone signs up for your Lead Ad, they are immediately and automatically added to your Infusionsoft application. If that contact didn’t exist previously, a new record is created. If a matching email is discovered in Infusionsoft, PlusThis will update that record.

PlusThis then tags the contact with the tag you setup in PlusThis. You can then use this tag as a goal to kick off the delivery of their lead offer.

Here’s an example.

Land Rover creates a Lead Ad for people interested in getting a quote for a car.
land rover

Next, they would setup the PlusThis Facebook Lead Trigger to tell it what Tag to apply when someone signs up on the lead ad.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.31.56 PM

They then use that tag as a goal inside of their Infusionsoft campaign to kick off a delivery sequence.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.35.44 PM

And that’s it.

Land Rover’s prospects don’t have to wait in a cold abyss waiting for someone to manually fish them out for a quote.

And Land Rover’s marketers don’t have to do the tedious task of exporting and importing contacts from one system to another just to deliver the content their prospects are expecting.

Additional Resources

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PlusThis Facebook User Group: Awesome community where people can help you get your ideas implemented with PlusThis

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