How to Send an SMS Broadcast with PlusThis

We recently added a highly requested improvement for our Send SMS tool.

In the past, you could send a one-off SMS broadcast by writing up your SMS message in PlusThis, taking the webhook/http post, putting it into your campaign/automation builder, then add your list to that campaign to get the SMS broadcast.

Sending a one-off SMS was possible, but there were more steps than we’d like.

We’ve recently, added a simpler method at the bottom of our send SMS tool that allows you to pick a tag and send the SMS message that way.

Here’s how it works.


1. Write your SMS message in the Send SMS tool.





2. Click enable the broadcast 

3. Pick whether you want to send the SMS to your entire contact database or only contacts with a certain tag.



4. Name your Send SMS tool.




5. Send your broadcast by clicking “initiate processing now.”

That’s it. SMS broadcasts are now super easy to send.

Let us know in the comments what you think.


Bryce is the head of marketing for PlusThis. When he's not busy sharing what he's learning with the rest of the PlusThis can find him playing boardgames, nerding out on Marvel movies or wrangling his house of pets.