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How To Make A Lead Magnet Funnel That Doesn't Suck 

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The problem isn't your lead magnet. It's the funnel getting people to take the next step quickly!

I see some terrible lead magnets every day that still somehow manage to sell like crazy!

Whether it's a simple cheat sheet or a big fancy course, most of the time, the reason why some lead magnets work better than others is because of the way they get people interested.

It's not that people can't make a great lead magnet. The problem is more about getting people to actually buy their stuff.

People download, they don't buy.

And half the people that do download your lead magnet, don't even bother opening it.

So if people struggle to even open your guide/course/cheatsheet, how do you convince them to buy or work with you?

There's a science to lead magnet funnels! Many people make common mistakes with their lead magnet strategies: they send boring delivery emails, lack urgency, and give away too much information. As a result, their leads end up not buying. The secret lies in understanding the balance between delivering the "WHAT" and the "HOW." The "WHAT" attracts them to your offer. The "HOW" gets them to buy. Reverse this and you'll scare away your prospects with overwhelm.

How we enhance the lead magnet customer journey with PlusThis

We found there are three keys to converting sales from a lead magnet.

First, limited time urgency. Every lead magnet needs to come with an offer that expires soon. We usually do a week. We build this with PlusThis date calculators, smart links, and countdown timers.

Second, personalized follow-up. Talk to your leads like you know what they're doing. If someone watches your video on the sales page, do you follow-up like you know they watched it? We do. This is done using PlusThis video triggers.

Third, retargeting. The journey continues even when leads leave your website. We use PlusThis to show targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram reminding them of the offer and encouraging them to take the next step.

We want to make it as easy as possible to implement a revenue generating lead funnel!

Here's why we're giving away the funnel, the implementation call, and a discount for PlusThis.

With over 11 years of experience in the marketing automation space, we have become the go-to choice for many top internet marketers.

Most of the top internet marketers like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Grant Cardone, Ryan Levesque, Damon John, and more have trusted and utilized our tools to achieve remarkable results.

People won't stick with a software tool like ours if it doesn't consistently give them value. Thank about it. How many subscriptions have you canceled in the last year?

We're all about getting our customers value quickly, and making it a long lasting benefit.

If our tools can help you gain just one more client each month, wouldn't that single win likely cover the entire cost of PlusThis for an entire year?

We'll give you the lead magnet funnel, hop on an implementation call, and give you a deal on PlusThis

All you have to do is sign up for a FREE 14-day trial of PlusThis

Everything you need to launch a lead magnet funnel that doesn't suck...with included one-on-one help

Here's the solution.

First, we work exclusively with Keap and ActiveCampaign users. By focusing exclusively on Keap and ActiveCampaign users, we ensure a robust and consistent integration that maximizes your results. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and embrace a streamlined experience tailored specifically for your platform.

We have the campaign/automation, email templates, and page resources waiting for you.

Second, we'll send you a link to schedule your FREE implementation call. We'll be there to address your specific questions, offer guidance on optimizing your lead magnet, and provide any additional assistance you need to ensure a successful launch.

Third, we'll help set up your PlusThis tools so your funnel is optimized to drive urgency, deliver targeted follow-up, and make way more money.

Here's how PlusThis is going to make your life way better

Yes, it's true—you can create a lead magnet funnel without PlusThis. 

You've probably already given it a shot. And you saw how that turned out.

But here's the deal: We're here to give you the same tools the pros use to scale their marketing funnels.

With over 70 game-changing tools, PlusThis is your ultimate partner in supercharging your marketing automation.

For this particular funnel, we'll use a handful of tools like Countdown Timers, Smart Links, and Video Triggers.

But you're welcome to go nuts and use everything in there like our Zoom integration, SMS, Facebook Audiences, Contact Validators, and more.

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The Lead Magnet Funnel That Doesn't Suck Bundle

Here's exactly what's included with your Lead Magnet Funnel That Doesn't Suck Bundle.

  1. 1
    Two Lead Magnet Campaigns for Keap or ActiveCampaign- $499 value:  Pre-built campaigns that are optimized to convert sales.
  2. 2
    One-On-One Strategy Call - $250 value: We'll help you get the campaigns implemented for your lead magnet immediately.
  3. 3
    15% OFF PlusThis For Life - $230 value: PlusThis is the secret weapon to making your lead magnet campaign a money making machine.

A total value of $979. And it's all included for FREE with a free 14-day trial of PlusThis.

What People Are Saying About PlusThis

"There's an easy way to get more money from your funnels. It's called PlusThis. I recommend it to everyone."

Frank Kern - Frank Kern Consulting

“I’ve been able to dramatically improve and streamline my profitable Facebook marketing webinars with the help of PlusThis. We’ve seen an increase in live attendance, conversion and upsell rates. In fact, PlusThis and its whole array of awesome tools ROCKS – it makes our marketing even more magical!

Mari Smith - Mari Smith Int

“PlusThis is AWESOME! Whenever my team or I are looking to fill in a missing gap within Keap, we turn to PlusThis first. 9 times out of 10, PlusThis has some sort of tool that will accomplish what we are looking for. I HIGHLY recommend PlusThis. This add-on is a MUST for anyone who uses Keap.”

Loral Langemeir - Loral Langemeir Inc

Grab Your Lead Magnet Bundle Before It Expires

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Get everything to launch a high converting lead magnet funnel when you start your free trial of PlusThis.

We'll help you implement the campaigns, set up your PlusThis tools, and talk through the strategy to make your lead magnet funnel a little less sucky.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

“First of all, let me say how PlusThis has made my life way easier. If I had to choose, I’d say that my favorite tool is the Zoom integration. Being able to use webinars and do everything out of Keap makes it all so much simpler. Plus, being able to export the webinar data and send follow-up to those who attended and those who didn’t attend, rocks. PlusThis is a lifesaver!“

Sean Greeley - NPE

“I've been using PlusThis now for about 3 years and this app is brilliant! PlusThis will really extend your Infusionsoft capabilities to do many of the 'Ninja' Marketing 'Tips and Tricks' that position you above the rest of your competition. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! "

Neil Sinclair - LibAbun Business Services
- Job Title or Role

70+ Tools and Integrations for Keap and ActiveCampaign

About PlusThis

PlusThis started as a handful of tools for entrepreneurs when our agency kept finding holes in marketing automation software.

We knew people needed better integrations and easy to implement marketing automation tools to help them make money and save time.

Today, PlusThis has over 70+ tools and integrations for Keap and ActiveCampaign including SMS, Zoom integrations, Facebook/Instagram retargeting, Contact validation and more.

You can spend a month building out your lead magnet and setting up all the tools...or you can click a button and we'll send it to you for free TODAY.

Let's face it—creating a lead magnet funnel can be a time-consuming process for most people.

It involves building landing pages, crafting emails, producing videos, designing graphics, mastering copywriting, setting up marketing automation, and juggling various other tasks that can be overwhelming.

Some people get so overwhelmed by it, they hire expensive agencies to do it for them.

And if you have the money to do that, that's perfectly fine.

But, if you prefer a different approach—one that lets you learn from seasoned experts with decades of experience and grants you instant access to all the necessary resources—then this is the perfect solution for you.


Say goodbye to the headaches and uncertainties of starting from scratch, and embrace the opportunity to learn from those who have already paved the way.

We're going to shortcut your time to launch

When you get your "Lead Magnet Funnel That Doesn't Suck" bundle, you'll hit the ground running with...

- A campaign already built out for your Keap or ActiveCampaign app

- Video walkthroughs for how the campaign works (think of it like your owner's manual).

- A scheduled launch call so we can help set up the PlusThis tools to make your funnel optimized

Easily doing this all yourself would take most people 40+ hours. You get it for free, just for trying out PlusThis.

Keep your implementation costs low and make money faster

Why spend a fortune on hiring an expensive agency to build your lead magnet funnel when we've got you covered? We believe in sharing our expertise and empowering our customers, which is why we offer our proven campaigns to you absolutely free of charge.

We know that the PlusThis trial lasts for 14 days and transitioning to a paid subscription might seem like an added expense. However, here's where the magic happens. By implementing our lead magnet funnel strategies and generating just one additional client each month, you could potentially cover the entire cost of PlusThis for an entire year!

If we can get you set up with a lead magnet campaign with tested emails, urgency generating tools like date calculators/countdown timers/smart links, and video tracking to optimize the you think the chances are pretty high you'd get at least one more customer each month because of it?

Neil Patel, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss and others wouldn't have used us if it didn't work

Neil Patel stood on stage at the Affiliate World Conference showing people how he uses PlusThis to create a 100k monthly product.

But he's not alone. Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Grant Cardone, Mari Smith, Amy Porterfield, and many many other marketing geniuses have all used PlusThis to scale their businesses and clients' businesses. 

If this didn't work, none of these experts would be using it, let alone teaching these tools on stage to thousands.

What if you implemented this? Where could your sales be six months from now?

Here's the truth: Even an imperfect version one is infinitely better than having no version at all.

Let's consider the worst-case scenario: We provide you with a fully set up campaign, equipped with all the necessary assets, tools, and implementation support to launch successfully.

But what if you ultimately decide not to launch? Guess what? You can still keep everything we've provided, no questions asked.

Here's "What You Get" 

  • "Lead Magnet Funnel That Doesn't Suck" Campaign
  • Free Implementation Call to Setup Your PlusThis Tools
  • Lead Magnet Funnel That Doesn't Suck Cheat Sheet
  • Included Owner's Manual Walkthrough Videos
  • 15% OFF PlusThis For Life

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't find the funnel and campaigns helpful, you can cancel PlusThis at any time and still keep all your bonuses.

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