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You missed out!

How To Make A Lead Magnet Funnel That Doesn't Suck 

This EXACT Funnel Made Us Over 1M in Recurring Revenue

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Face it. Most Lead Magnet Funnels are complete garbage 🗑️🔥

Out of the millions of pages someone could visit, a lead found yours.

But most lead magnet funnels suck at actually converting those leads into customers. 

There's no urgency, no personalization, and even less follow-up.

We saw this happening so often in the marketing automation space that we knew we had to change it. 

So we created a training called, "How to Create a Lead Magnet Funnel That Doesn't Suck."

And it's free.

See what we did to enhance the traditional "Lead Magnet Funnel" to generate over 1M in recurring revenue from a single funnel

The training will show you the campaigns we build for lead magnet funnels that actually work.

These funnels aren't rocket magic. 

I built them as an individual. I knew zero programming. All I used was Keap/ActiveCampaign and PlusThis.

This training is FREE! In addition, if you like what you learn, we'll give you the funnel, coaching to implement, the tools to enhance your funnel, and more.

How we enhance the lead magnet customer journey with PlusThis

We'll break down what goes into a traditional lead magnet funnel, then show you how to supercharge it.

What should your emails address? We'll spell out exactly what you should cover each day in a seven day lead magnet funnel.

How do I build genuine urgency? We use PlusThis to create urgency in the campaign and do a number of other optimizations to increase revenue.

The one thing people leave out of lead magnet campaigns that costs them half their sales. We'll talk about the missing piece people neglect in their lead magnet campaigns that accounted for half of our sales.

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