Create Dynamic Dates & Timed Offers

Use the This Tool to Determine Past or Upcoming Dates 

The Date Calculator

AVAILABLE FOR: ActiveCampaign | Drip | HubSpot | Keap | Ontraport | Highlevel

Date Calculator is a great tool for determining future or past dates using a variety of calculations: add 3 months, find the next Wednesday, store the result, and more! Create dynamic dates and timed offers 

For example, store the date when a 30-day trial would end so you can merge that date in your reminder emails. OR... Create urgency by letting contacts know their offer will expire in X amount of time after they took some kind of action (downloaded a pdf, watched a video, clicked a link).

Our Simple 3-Step Process

  • Choose Which Date to Start With
    PlusThis will calculate your date based on a starting date. That could be the date you run our tool ie after a form is filled out. Or you can use an existing date in a field or when a contact was created.
  • Choose Your Calculation
    Add/subtract dynamic or static number of months/day/hours/minutes or find an Nth date, day, or occurrence of a day.
  • Use Your Dates
    With your dynamic dates stored, you can now use them in emails, texts and more. Send notifications for expiring offers, start dates and more.

See What Happy Customers Are Saying

Ty C.

PlusThis User

We LOVE PlusThis! There are so many cool features available, we love the Facebook audience features the most. This feature integrates seamlessly with our Keap, and lets us push customers into and pull them out of audiences through our campaigns. This has really helped us enhance our customer experience, while dramatically increasing our sales. PlusThis is super-easy to use. And when we do have questions, their support team is amazing. Awesome product, exceptional customer service, we'd give them 10 stars if could.

Justin R.

PlusThis User

 I can't say enough good things about this company and the people that work there. They provide an amazing tool for anyone looking to automate more of their business processes.

As a Keap/Infusionsoft Certified Partner, I run into situations where I wish I could get the tool to do more, and without fail when Keap/Infusionsoft can't, PlusThis can.

Not only do they have a great tool, but their service and willingness to take feedback is second to none. This week I brought up a minor annoyance with how one of their features was working, and within 48 hours they had discussed the issue internally and release a patch to make the user experience 100 times better.

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