A custom countdown timer

Instill urgency in customers actions

The time is ticking...

AVAILABLE FOR: ActiveCampaign | Drip | HubSpot | Keap | Ontraport | Highlevel

Create evergreen or fixed date countdown timers for order forms, sales pages or emails.rm. Useful for making evergreen timers that are not set to just one static date and time. Encourage your customers to take an offer before time runs out.

Create countdown timers based on when your leads or customers take steps in your funnel like downloading a book, attending a webinar, or taking an upsell. Your countdown can be unique for each contact.

Our Simple 3-Step Process

  • Configure Your Countdown Timer
    Choose whether to have your timer set based on a custom date and time in a contact field, a fixed date and time, or a specific amount of time. Redirect contacts to a different page once a date has been reached.
  • Style Your Timer
    Pick when you want us to apply tags or automation with your CRM based on the cue point they reach in your video or how long they continue to watch.
  • Embed Your Countdown Timer
    Embed your custom countdown timer into an email, your website, a thank you page, and more.

See What Happy Customers Are Saying

James A.

PlusThis User

I'm a Certified Keap Partner and I never sell an Keap App to a client without having PlusThis as well. I don't even give it as an option. If you're having Keap then you must have PlusThis, otherwise you are missing out on loads of potential. If you've bought a rocket that comes with regular gas... it will fly. But if you want to get to where you really want to be, as fast as you can, then you need rocket fuel. PlusThis is the rocket fuel to Keap's rocket. BOOM!!!

Justin R.

PlusThis User

 I can't say enough good things about this company and the people that work there. They provide an amazing tool for anyone looking to automate more of their business processes.

As a Keap/Infusionsoft Certified Partner, I run into situations where I wish I could get the tool to do more, and without fail when Keap/Infusionsoft can't, PlusThis can.

Not only do they have a great tool, but their service and willingness to take feedback is second to none. This week I brought up a minor annoyance with how one of their features was working, and within 48 hours they had discussed the issue internally and release a patch to make the user experience 100 times better.

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