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Founded by marketing automation pioneers, PlusThis provides over 50 software tools and marketing strategies to small businesses who want to get more out of their existing automation platform.

PlusThis is the leading campaign toolkit that makes it easy to launch and run advanced campaigns so you can grow sales, wow customers, and save time.

The following bonuses have expired:


300+ Pages of Proven Campaigns

Get a physical copy of Campaigns of the Titans mailed directly to you, which includes over 300 pages and SEVENTEEN proven campaigns from the best digital marketing titans in the world. You will have this marketing titan playbook within arm's reach, with the step-by-step solution to implementing some of the most successful campaigns in the world. 

Top Campaigns

We will have 2 campaigns (NPS Referral and Four Day Evergreen Cash Machine) from Campaigns of the Titans built inside of your Infusionsoft app. Most campaigns of this caliber can easily cost you an additional $1000 EACH from other marketing experts. We'll include video walkthroughs too, so you know how they work.

Implementation Call

We'll schedule an implementation call with you so you can hit the ground running with a live campaign ASAP. We'll cover how the PlusThis features work and common use cases for similar businesses, along with ongoing support including tickets, email, phone and chat.

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“There’s an easy way to get more money from your funnels. It’s called PlusThis. I recommend it to everyone.” - Frank Kern

Campaign Of The Titans Bonuses

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  • Proven campaigns - Full and easy-to-follow breakdowns of campaigns from the “who’s who” of Marketing Titans.
  • Save time and maximize results! Don't do any of the heavy lifting! We will take two of the most popular campaigns and build them for you inside of your Infusionsoft app. 
  • Discover the cutting-edge tools - The campaigns are only a portion of what you can do with PlusThis. Get a 1-on-1 implementation call to discover all the ways you can use PlusThis to help increase revenue, save time, and make your automation tools easy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Can PlusThis Do For Me?

PlusThis is the #1 campaign toolkit for marketing automation users. Some of the PlusThis tools include:

  • Two way SMS - SMS messaging for less than a penny per text.
  • Webinar Automation - Register, Invite and follow up through your marketing software with your favorite webinar platforms.
  • Appointment Scheduling - Schedule appointments and create meetings easily and automatically.
  • Facebook Syncing - Show relevant ads to your leads based on where they are in your campaigns.
  • Video Triggers and Tagging - Trigger automation based on how long people watch your video.
  • Expiring Offers and Content - Create evergreen expiring offers and display countdown timers to driver urgency and scarcity.

....and more!  

What Is Campaign Of The Titans?

All your favorite Infusionsoft experts and marketing titans together in one immense publication. The Campaign Of The Titans Vol. 1 was a huge success. However, we wanted to take it to the next level… that’s why we’ve collaborated with 16 contributors, included 17 proven marketing campaigns, and created over 300 pages of exclusive content!  

Which means, you get:

  • More than twice as many contributors.
  • PROVEN campaigns for webinars, SMS marketing, membership sites, split testing, video tracking, one-click upsells and more using PlusThis features.
  • A whole new look and feel of the walkthroughs
  • Your choice of a varied selection of campaigns.
  • Video triggers, smart links, one-click upsells, countdown timers, evergreen expiring offers, automated webinars 

....and more! 

If I sign up, which campaigns will I get in my Infusionsoft app?

As part of the Campaigns of the Titans bonuses, when you sign up for a 30-day free trial of PlusThis, we'll build two of our most popular campaigns from the PDF into your Infusionsoft app.

The first campaign is Frank Kern's 4-Day Evergreen Cash Machine. This is the exact campaign that he uses in his business. We will even include a walkthrough video to show you exactly what the campaign will do once you publish it.

The second campaign is an NPS Referral Campaign so you can put your referrals and testimonials on autopilot. This campaign allows you to collect valuable feedback on what's keeping customers from referring more business to you. The best part is this is all automated.

Hint: both of these campaigns use PlusThis tools. Having access to a trial of PlusThis as you go through the campaigns will be essential for them to function the way they were designed.

What will the implementation call do for me?

Starting a free trial of PlusThis doesn't mean you're on your own. We'll schedule an implementation call so you can hit the ground running with a live campaign ASAP.

During the call we'll cover how our features work and common use cases for similar businesses. The Campaigns of the Titans PDF only highlights a few ways you can use PlusThis to grow sales and save time. On the call we'll dive into your business and uncover how you can use PlusThis to achieve immediate results.

After your implementation call is over, we offer ongoing support including tickets, email, phone and chat in case you need us.