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EverWebinar Connection For Keap, ActiveCampaign, and More

Next up, EverWebinar Connection. The latest of the video conferencing platforms to join PlusThis integrations.

Now, you can simply connect your EverWebinar account with your CRM to automate your webinar process a bit more.

The tool allows you to register participants and store the webinar details directly into your CRM – including the webinar link that you can share in your emails.

You can also quickly apply a tag when a contact successfully registers for the event – and have them continue on through your webinar campaign sequences with no problem.

I’m getting ahead of myself – let’s run through the tool configuration and how to implement the tool into your webinar campaigns.

Step 1: Search EverWebinar Connection in the toolkit

Step 2: Connect your EverWebinar account with PlusThis


Follow the prompts to fill in your API code for your EverWebinar account to connect it with PlusThis.

Step 3: Select the Webinar

Step 4: Store the details in your CRM

The next step consists of what fields you want certain webinar details saved within your CRM.

Step 5: Apply a tag to registrants

With the connection, you can automatically apply a tag to registrants after they have successfully completed registration.

Based on these tags, you’re able to create a one click registration so all registrants can quickly, and easily move through the sequence within your webinar campaign.

Step 6: Add the tool URL to your campaign

Once we have our campaign set up to enable one click registration for those who click the link directly in the email, we’ll place the registration HTTP Post (webhook) in the following sequence to automatically register contacts.

Now, not only are your registrants able to easily register for the webinar event with one click and immediately receive confirmation and reminders, but it’s simple for you to implement into your campaign.

See the tool in action! Watch the Demo:

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ActiveCampaign Deals: Automate Your Pipeline

It’s raining new tools! First up, ActiveCampaign Deals.

This tool was designed to help manage the Deals within ActiveCampaign, and gives you the platform to find, update and copy information between the contact record and the Deal record.

Let’s start with what a Deal actually is. Deals are considered to be the contacts that are qualified leads that have a strong sale opportunity. Deals is a separate CRM that tracks these qualified leads as they become sales.

Now – just like your main CRM, automation can come into play to not only save you time, but also improve your chances of converting more leads.

With the new PlusThis Deals tool, you can automate and manage your Deals CRM to be sure that the Stage and Status are up to date, and the contact’s information can be found within the Deals record.

Let’s go through an example of how you’d configure the Deals tool. Whether it be creating a new deal and updating it after the first contact is made, or if it’s been a while since they responded, the Deals tool can definitely speed up the automation within your campaign.

Step 1: Search the toolkit for Deals

The tool is ActiveCampaign specific, but it is simply called Deals within the toolkit.

Step 2: Select a Pipeline

Select a previous created Pipeline to locate the Deal you’re looking to configure. This dropdown is to easily locate the Deal.

Step 3: Choose the Deal

Once the Pipeline is selected, determine which Deal you’d like to update – including an option for the most recently created deal or the option to search for a specific Deal based on Owner, Title or Stage.

Step 4: Update the Deal

When the Deal is found, the tool gives you the option to update the Stage or Status of the Deal directly within configuration.

Step 5: Set a field on the Deal or Contact Record

The last portion of the tool is focused on the information between the Deal and Contact Record.

In the dropdown, there is the option to copy information from the Contact record to the Deal record, or you can enter your own information directly onto the Deal record.

Contact Record to Deal Record
Enter your own text onto the Deal Record

Now you can add or copy as much or as little information as you’d like, then continue on to save the tool to your toolkit.

Step 6: Apply a Deals automation

When the tool is saved, you will receive a URL to place into a Webhook action within your campaign – when you want the Deal to be triggered.

Let’s say you want to update the Deal record when a lead becomes a qualified lead by watching one of your videos.

We’ll set up a simple ActiveCampaign automation, and place a webhook in the sequence following the video tag, and have the tool run only if the contact has successfully watched the video.

Check out the demo below for a more in depth run through of this example.

Just another simple, effective PlusThis tool coming in to save the day. Check out Deals in your PlusThis toolkit now, it’s live!

See the tool in action

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Tool Update: Calendly Connection

Time for another tool update!

This time, our team focused on the Calendly integration – specifically Calendly Connection – and making improvements to the tool by listening to what our users were looking for.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Authentication is now handled via OAuth
    • no more copy and pasting API keys
  • Now requires an Admin or Owner Calendly Account
    • Allows one integration to create tools for every singular
      event for an entire organization
    • No more duplicate events for each employee entry
  • Custom Question responses can now be saved to the contact record
    • Once the Custom Questions are set up in the Calendly event,
      a panel will appear in tool configuration to manage where
      the responses will be saved

A few updates that will minorly change your tool integration process, but majorly affect the automation of the Calendly Connection tool.

Let’s check out the differences in the tool configuration.

How it works:

Set It Up

Begin by creating your event in Calendly with the appropriate settings and questions included. Previously, PlusThis did not have a section to track and save custom question responses. Now – we do. These questions can vary, and are saved to a specific field within your contact records.

An example of a few custom questions that PlusThis can automatically save may look like this:

Re-Authorize Your Integration

Once your event is created – and ready to be automated – it’s time to head over to PlusThis. When creating a new Calendly Connection tool, you will be prompted to re-authorize your integration with Calendly in order to manage the appropriate Admin account.

Manage Custom Question Responses

After your account is updated, you will continue on to configure the tool very similar to before – only now there is a panel for you to decipher where to save the custom question responses within the contact record.

Those are the key differences in the configuration that you will notice when setting up your Calendly Connection tool.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding setting up tools, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. PlusThis is happy to help, and we want to be sure that our tools are being as useful as possible.