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Lead Checker

Tools Used: Email Validator

As new leads enter Keap, you can now know which are risky, typos, deliverable and more. Save money on contacts and keep your deliverability healthy.

Zoom Webinar/Meeting

Tools Used: Zoom Webinar or Zoom Meeting

Connect your Zoom webinar/meetings to your CRM. Register guests, send personalized reminders, segment attendees and non-attendees, and more with Zoom.

Evergreen Expiring Offer

Tools Used: Smart Links, Date Calculator, Countdown Timer

Give your leads an offer that expires 7 days from when they opt in for the lead magnet. Includes emails that have dynamic dates that match up to their individual expiration date.

Video Triggers

Tools Used: Video Triggers

Track how much of a video someone has watched based on cue point or accumulated watch time to trigger relevant follow up in your Campaign.

Deliver Bonus After $100 Spent

Tools Used: Calculate Customer Value, Math

Send a special offer after a customer has spent over $100. If they haven't spent over $100 send them an email that shows how much they need to spend to receive offer.

DocuSign Connection

Tools Used: DocuSign Connection

Automatically generate and send envelopes to your CRM contact. Send follow up emails as your contact moves through the signing process.

Email Subscription Manager

Tools Used: Tool Chains, Email Subscription Center

Apply subscription tags to all new contacts to allow your user to opt in or out of individual email lists rather than opting out of all email.

Automated Testimonial Machine

Tools Used: Simple Email Survey™

Gather your customer satisfaction score and collect referrals and testimonials based on their rating.

Lead Ad Delivery

Tools Used: Facebook Lead Triggers

This campaign will allow you to automatically deliver your lead magnet to your contacts after they fill out your Facebook lead ad.

Age Calculator

Tools Used: Time Between Events, Math

Automatically calculate a contacts age and update their age yearly using the PlusThis tools, time between events & Math.

Retainer Tracker

Tools Used: Math

Add call hours when contact purchases 1 or 3 hours. Subtract an hour after contact schedules a 1 hour call. Send reminder email when contact runs out of hours, or a reminder email showing hours left.

Black Friday Promo

Tools Used: Smart Links, Countdown Timer

Create a Black Friday promo using Smart Links and a Countdown Timer to create urgency in our emails.

Scarcity Triggers

Tools Used: Scarcity Triggers

Deliver a bonus to the first ten contacts to purchase a specific product. Show your contacts how many bonuses are left.

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How to Install Your Template!

To install your new campaign into your Keap account, follow the steps below:



Click the green "Get this campaign" button for the campaign you would like to install.



On the following page, click on the blue install button.



Select which Keap app you'd like to install the campaign template into.



Click the "begin install" button on the bottom.